Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About the prize

Still remember I won the Sony Mini Hi-Fi and I was waiting their notification email to collect the prize, which they promise to sent within 2 weeks time. Wait for more than a month time, how come the email is not reach me yet and I started to suspect whether is it true that I can get it, until I read the winner list and proven that I'm one of the October winner.

Don't know what happen that I cannot received their email in my Yahoo! mailbox, which they have actually sent. And, too bad I didn't save the phone number they call me before. So in trouble, no one can help me and the website no contact detail and address. So, I found out from the Hennessy bottle and call to the organizer (Riche Monde, also distributor), but always engaged. Luckily at the end recall one of my fren also the winner on previous month, with his help, his fren know the Brand Manager of Hennessy and he help me to inform the management office to give me a call again. Finally, the management office call me up and check the email add with me and they try to send again to Yahoo!, but again it just couldn't get it in Yahoo!..really frustrated. Luckily they accept an alternative add, there I got it in gmail. When I'm reading the letter, it actually stated there 1 week collection date in November. Luckily they still allow for the late to collect.

Phew!!!....I just collect the prize on Monday at Plaza Damansara, Block C - Dentsu (M) Sdn. Bhd. What a great experience of collecting this Mini Hi-Fi. It is not mini, 21kg, very big and they did inform me early to bring along husband to carry. We didn't familiar with the place, so we parked our car at Block A, and we walked to Block C. This office building main entrance, vehicle cannot passed by, need to climb staircase to reach. So go la, climb about 50+ steps staircases while Brandon carry Terry. So, after we took that, think of need to go down 50+ steps again with 21 kg..sweating man! Brandon carry alone and I carry Terry...3 of us also sweating!!! it is impossible to carry that huge thing back to our carpark, so Brandon drove the car up near the staircase then only transfer it.

I plan to sell it off. Not really need it now and because it is not MINI. Will let u know the model and price later.

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