Friday, December 08, 2006

Nappy rash

Mummy great worries for baby is not run away from nappy rash, the pet pet is just red and if it is terrible, it will cause itchy. Since Terry having solid, his stool become more "chemical" than just taking milk. Happen twice his backside have mild nappy rash.

I used Bepanthen, a trial sample in the goodie bag from MommyBaby carnival recently. Since I dun hav one before, just wipe it on first to soothe it... and I also add an extra piece of nappy liner on top of the diapers to makes his butt more dry. Normally nappy liner I only used when he is wearing cloth diaper. For better, everytime I washed it with running tap water before putting on a new diapers.

After I'm doing so, in 3 days his red butt is gone !!!


Baby Darren said...

Is Terry always on disposable diaper? I find using cloth diaper reduce the chances of diaper rash. What do you mean by "chemical" stool? Darren passes hard stool since taking solid..very doc advised to give him fruits. Have you given any fruits to Terry?

Judy Chow said...

Most of the time is on disposable diapers, because he poo-ed many times. I do used cloth diapers like 2-3 hours before bathing time.

"Chemical" I mean the stool is more dirty coz taking many food..Terry stool also a bit hard after solid, thats why I gave a lot of water and only start giving fruits lately...but not much help also...but at least he still poo..