Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

Since last Friday there was holiday in a roll and celebration going on.

22/12 - 冬至, as usual went back to FIL's house to have dinner. This time I bring back one of my own cook. Bought 6 chicken drumstick and braised it with ginger. First time cooked big pot of dish. Quite tired aft that. Used almost 1 hour cooking it. Result, I'm not so satisfied. Hopefully cooked better next time. Actually my initial plan is to cooked stew pork, but due to reason of chemical used in raise a pig, that may harm human's health, Minister ask to stop eating pork for a while. So, everybody less taking pork meat now. After dinner, we having tang yun. SIL#1 gave Terry christmas present.

24/12 - Morning as usual went to church for worship and received some Christmas present from church mate. Baby Terry also have. This year I didn't buy gift for frens, only give out Christmas card. At night, our church celebrate it at Sri Petaling Community Hall. Invited Soul Work (a Christian group of composer and presenter) to present to us, also our own choir team and tembourine dancers. The night buffet dinner was ready by own church members and free flow till it end. The food is tasty. Lucky draw can't get anything, but we still have door gift - 2007 calendar and sweets.

25/12 - Both of us went shopping the whole day without Terry. Manage to buy new clothes for CNY. Everywhere is jam. We reached 1 Utama at 11.30am still ok and found parking easily. We planned to go The Curve and Ikea at 3pm, came out jam. Reach there, all parking full and entrance is block for cars entering. Many cars are parked at the road side. We know is super super full, so we go off and went for lunch first before heading KLCC. Reach at 5.15pm, condition still ok, lots of people and can get parking easily. I didn't get anything from there, but Brandon get a good discount on the leather shoe and clothes. Before fetching Terry from my mum's home, joined Brandon's fren for a short gathering at Cheras, as also having our dinner.

26/12 - Have lunch with my lovely cousin sis at Rabbit Cafe, Sri Petaling. Half a yr we not met although stay nearby. Just have a quick lunch and catch up with each other. Dunno what happen, feel very tired only the whole day. Will post up photo later. Need more rest now.

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Baby Darren said...

Me too have been busy in this festive season. Glad your holiday is a fruitful one.