Friday, December 08, 2006


I'm not very good at cooking, nor very interested in cook. If u ask me to read recipe book, attend cooking class, u can count me out. I learn cooking just from watching TV, watch my mum did cooking and briefly listen how to cook from my mum only. Since aft having Terry, almost everyday 3 meals, I cooked by myself. Sunday is my off cooking day. Taste of my so la..still can eat....learn new cook once a while if I wan to eat. Currently dishes I make are simple and fast cook. Most of it cooking style are stir fried, steam and stew/ braised. Most easy cooked is boil soup, fast, convenient yet nutrition, as all essence is extract out from the ingredient u boil.

Simple dishes I used to cooked are like stir fried vege/meat, braised chicken (in soya sause), steam pork rib, steam chicken (can b steam in ginger, mushroom, pre-pack ingredient, herbs..etc..), steam fish, yong tau fu (seldom). Normally I like to mix fried, like vege with meat. Soup wise are like bayam soup, ABC soup (potato, carrot, big onion, tomato, mushroom), herbs soup, vege soup.

Currently only my own family n Brandon tasted my cook. Still boosting up my skill to do better cooking. All thanks to my mum!


Baby Darren said...

very healthy cooking method instead. i cook almost the same dish as you too. I love cooking but since darren was born, I have no time to cook more elaborated dishes... how i wish i can get back to cooking one day.

Judy Chow said...

Yes, you can too...slowly when baby Darren is getting better not that fussy...sometime I did enjoy cook too..