Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas from T3RRY

My dad brought me to Hilton Hotel, PJ previously to let me feel the Christmas atmosphere. I love Christmas tree very much as my home sweet home also having a small one, and I too love to look at it. I'm so excited when seeing a big one. I kept on wanted to touch the nice ornament hanging on the tree, but my mum not letting to hold it, just let me gentle touch on it...

See this is my leng chai photo with nice christmas tree. I'm also taking many photos with daddy and mummy with the Christmas tree. Around here also having a 'train city'. It is all small train and different kind of train small like toy, it is moving round and round.

My lovely popo already bought me this new set of cloth weeks ago. Thanks popo! muakss first ever Christmas gift. Hopefully I'm big enough to fit it, as popo purposely bought bigger, you know I may grow bigger by then. On the Christmas eve, I will be celebrating with daddy and mummy by having a simple buffet. Now I can see but cannot eat, till next Christmas...hoho! see how I enjoy it next year! Till then early Merry Christmas to all of you, and have a merrier and blessed Christmas!

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