Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Luck

This time I won this SONY Mini Hi-Fi from Hennessy - This is Me Contest running from May-October 2006. I'm one of the 100th October winner. Phone call from Hennessy that I will get this prize collect from their office in 2 weeks time. How I manage to get was actually out of my surprise I will get it..

This is how the contest play: -

1. Purchase a bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P (70 cl) with special contest sticker attached.
2. Peel off the sticker to reveal PIN Number inside.
3. SMS: HVSOP <space> PIN NO <space> NAME <space> NEW NRIC NO <space> EMAIL ADD to 32300.

Featured Prizes:

- Motorola SLVR L6
- Canon PowerShot A430
- Apple iPod Nano 1GB
- 3 bottles of Hennessy V.S.O.P 70cl
- Sony 21-inch TV
- Sony Mini Hi-Fi

We hav 28 pcs PIN NO. to send, so got to fast fast as the time turn 12am can hit the one in the 100th from whole Malaysia. I targeted 2 mins before 12am start to send over plus in between the transmitting time by the time reach there it will near to 1st Oct -, me and brandon both mobile continuous send a few with all different PIN between 12am-12.10am. Suppose to get their confirm message whether I got it or not. At last aft sending all PIN, waiting all the confirm message to reach me, NONE of that said I hit the prize. At that moment is quite sad also la...I might thought that the system may b busy or just read all confirm received than go to sleep...with a mind that 'aiyah sudah la...won't get one la, if get sure system hav confirm the winner.'

After more than a week, received their call saying that I'm the winner....u say surprise or not? both of us send together, thinking that will get 2 Sony Mini Hi-Fi if hit..manatau, only my SMS hit....Brandon dun hav such luck lehh...even the radio station called him for game to grab the cash amount of RM2600, he also can't make it...duh!!

This game not just stop here, by the username and password received in the confirm message, you are yet to win another dream prize. I haven't go and play it..quite hard now with slogan..not good in that!


wHOisBaBy said...

wah congrats! you are so lucky. i never won anything from any contest before.

petpetkia said...

was googling for HVSOP this is me contest.. congrats to you that u won something last year! :) the HVSOP This is me contest is back again!!!! from june 15 to july 15.. ermm i don wanna advertise anything here.. just wanna let u knwo about it since u was a winner :)

*ps your lil baby is cute :) i have a nephew too.. almost same age as your baby.. his bday falls on 4th of march? 3rd of apr? not sure..

ok til then take care...