Monday, October 09, 2006

Mooncake with thick haze

Friday night, went back to FIL house to hav dinner. On the way back down to KL..traffic was very jam. In fact many other highway in KL and PJ traffic condition was bad too. May due to buka puasa, aft office hour and we chinese rush home for mooncake reunion dinner. This lunar day also my FIL birthday, so we cut cake aft dinner.

Mooncake night, no big round moon, no tanglung, no candle light, but only thick haze...The night seems like so quiet even the time is still ealry..Unlikely last year there were many kids playing tanglung and candles around the playground downstair of my apartment. So, back thome and sleep early festive mood also...Suddenly the next morning Saturday whole day the weather is good and no haze and the view from my balcony is very clear.

I was so happy the hazy day is away...but not in my expectation, on Sunday and till now blogging the sky have turn like this, compare to previous few days today is the worst. Got to shut all windows and on air-con, so that it lesser down the outside hazy air flow into the house.

Hopefully the short rain now can wash away the haze...we dun wan you HAZE!

Congrats to my cousin bro finally having a baby boy aft 3 yrs married. Is a small baby only 2.44kg. Will visit them during fullmoon next month.

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