Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pixart Pocket Photo Book

Someday last month while reading 5Xmom's blog, found this wonderful thing, a Pixart photo book...after reading all the words and reviews from the website I was so eager to have one for baby Terry. As last month they also having promotion of discount 20%. So fast fast before due date, I finished create one, and today I received it from Poslaju.

There are 2 types of photo book - Coffee Table Photo Book and Pocket Photo Book. Very easy to do, just download the software (both different) from the website and there will guide u to finish a cute, handy little format photobook which worth for keeping. I like it very much. Reading it over and over again.

For Pocket Photo Book show above, the outer cover is hardcover, the size of 5.5 inches high & 7.7 inches wide, printed on semigloss paper for 12 pages (print double sided). The steps of doing it:-
Step 1 - Get Photo > load in all the photo u wan to put
Step 2 - Create Pages > drag and drop in your pictures page by page, u can choose themes and layout. For the photo u can move, zoom, resize, rotate, crop, fine tune photos by adding effect and treatment, and add captions there
Step 3 - Create Cover > add in your favourite pic, title and sub-title
Step 4 - Purchase > fill in delivery, order details and click upload, your file will reach Pixart

Baby Terry's Pocket Photo Book is RM46.00 (after discount including postage fee). Their service is good and they promised within 5 working days will delivered it to your doorstep. I believe this meaningful photobook simply can be a great gift for lovers, couples, family and friends.

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