Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cont' - My 2009 Chinese "Niu" Year

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1/2 (初七)
The 7th day of CNY is call 人日 means birthday for everybody. We didn't celebrate it. Early morning went to market buy food for the week and pack breakfast. Later in the afternoon went to watch movie - The Wedding Game with my brother at TGV, Sunway Pyramid. Before shows start able to take the remaining 45 minutes hunt back 2 pair new shoes. Great discount is still on. I know many ppl 'pantang' to buy shoe and cut hair during CNY (it means shoe - 'hai' (sigh) and cut hair - no 'fatt') but who cares la. After movie, dinner at Jusco food court before heading home.

While I'm away, hubby take care of the boy and ask him to prepared porridge as dinner. The cooking just need less than 2 minutes, whereby he only needs to press the START cook button from the rice cooker. The ingredients (oyster, scallop, garlic, salt and rice) all I prepared and dump in before I go. I wrote on a paper what time start cooking, the water level put in the rice cooker and half time need to pour in the pork rib. Also, instruction on making milk (how many oz) to give the boy in the evening, thats it. Simple instruction.

Reach home before 8pm. The boy was napping, I saw a big bowl of porridge on the table. Then I saw something different, got anchovies in the porridge which I not putting in. How come? I began to ask. Pork rib not being cook, still sitting in the fridge. He went and pour in the overnight anchovies soup from the pot as water to cook the porridge. OMG...that pot of soup I want to throw away one as it was overnight already. So, a pot of tasty porridge being ruined by the overnight soup. I'm quite fuming as I was plan the boy also having the same porridge. Now just give me extra work. I summon him to finish everything. Man oh time got to paste the instruction on his shirt and keep phone calling...

Without wasting time, I clear the pot and cook porridge again for the boy with the pork rib. The boy wakes, I don't know what happen to him, he refused to eat, moody (look like not feeling well, but not) and just want milk. So, just settle him with milk and I finish the pork rib porridge.

Thats my 'People Day'.

2/2 - 4/2 (初八 - 初十)
Hubby starts work. That also mean I got to back to my boring SAHM routine. Still feel so lazy.

5/2 - 7/2 (初十一 - 初十三)
Hubby having conference at Genting with complementary 2 nights stay at First World Hotel Suite. Initially he asked us to go too. But I refused to go, as I don't want to be alone with the boy, stay in the room while he out for meeting. So, I went back to my parents home and overnight there. Thursday night, ask friend out to have drinks at Old Town Kopitiam (Puchong) and Friday noon, visit friends in ex-company and lunch with them at Mid Valley. Looks like this is the only day I able to met up friends.

At parent's home, I got the chance to sleep till 10am. My boy is jolly enough as my parents plays and entertain him, bring him to walk, feed him and bath him. He can live without me. Saturday evening, back home cook dinner for 3 and clean up. A fast one, I cooked a soup and curry chicken (mild spicy). The boy also having the same dishes. Glad that, he likes it.

8/2 (初十四)
FIL invite relatives and my parents for lou sang lunch at Restaurant Pik Wah. It was full house in the restaurant. FIL loves this place very much as they serve tasty course with valuable price. We have 8 course CNY set lunch. This would be my last round of lou sang for this CNY. Again the boy have a bowl of rice with shark fin soup and some fish. When he is full he get down the seat and walk around play with everyone.

PIL and my family

FIL's brother, sister, hubby's cousin and all

9/2 (元宵节)
Last day of CNY - Chap Goh Mei, also Chinese Valentine's day. Traditionally this day, those unattached single will throw oranges in to pond and make wishes in hope to find a partner. That night heavy rain. Luckily it stop after 30 minutes. We back to FIL's house have dinner, chit-chat, yakking CNY snacks and watch TV. Terry has jolly time again to play with SILs. We back at 10pm.

That's how I spent my 15 days CNY. A simple one..whereby least visiting to do and I got more time for myself.



For all chinese, good food is really important. We ate out almost every lunch and dinner for the first 7 days.

etceteramommy said...

Time flies. 2009 CNY is over. :(

Kristie said...

wow ur 15 days all jotted down... for me i cant remember i think... need to refer back to camera hehe...

terry so good ya... never make fuss at all, just eat his food...

alamak why ur hubby blur blur ah.. hehehhe!

Mummy Gwen said...

Your CNY was well spent got alot of makan makan with family members. So boring have to go back to our old SAHM routine hor...hehe

vickylow said...

Haha man really not good in kitchen. I think next time better you cook the porridge yourself and just ask him off the power when it's done kakaka.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Haha, why la your hubby put in the overnight soup? I think he didnt see the note that you'd written. Next time, cook the porridge youself and just ask him to turn the switch off :D