Monday, February 16, 2009

Terry at 32 months old

Terry 32 months
Was actually plan to wrote his 30th month's milestone, just too late for that and keep till today (what a lazy mum..). Now before he ends his 32 months old, I better do a detail update as much as possible. Since the last milestones update, he definately have significant improvement and progressive growing.

Height: 97cm
Weight: almost 14kg

Eating Pattern
Feeding him twice a day have been a torturing task and stressful job to me since few months ago. It really testing my patient to the max. Mainly is due to his speed of finish his meal. He can take up to 2 hours to finish a small bowl of rice. Back then, I still finding the right method how to makes him eat faster. If we eating out it is worst, in the entire dine-in time, his speed can only finish 3-4 spoons. At home, so far this is the ways I have try to make him eat faster,
  • Feeding with half spoon full
  • Keep stroking his cheek to ask him to swallow (he chew till very fine and still keep in the mouth)
  • Bring all his toys and books in front of him and at the same time play together with him
  • Put on his favourite cartoons or songs on TV
  • Rice accompany with snack (biscuit or raisin)
  • Open the door and close him outside
  • The last resort I will start to shout, keep away all this things, off the TV and smack him
But all the above fails too. He still in his regular speed to finish his meal everyday. Unless if I cook his favourite dish, he can finish a bit faster like 1-1.5 hours. His favourite dish with rice are fried taufu with minced meat and baked bean with minced meat+egg. Porridge once or twice a week mainly for his vege consumption.

Last week, during those CNY meal time, he seems improve a lot. He can spoon feed himself..whereby I will scoop up the rice in the spoon and he will take the spoon and put into his mouth with minimal rice and food falls down. I happy enough he can did it. At this moment still need much of my help when he eats by himself. But at least, that way he can finish his bowl in less than an hour time.

Eat almost all adult foods and outside foods. I let him eat spicy food too like curry chicken and roti canai. Now I seldom purposely cook for him, unless really really not suitable for him to eat, then I will settle him with porridge. Only vege he still quite picky on it. I try to cut smaller piece, so that he not really notice when put into mouth. For outside food, normally we will get him kid's set or kid's meal. He needs a portion by himself now, no longer shared with me on mee or rice.

Least favour on mee suah since last 2 months.

Very restricted on snacks. So far I only allow him to eat biscuits, raisin and juices. He never eat ice-cream before. Will try to let him take yogurt and cultured milk again. Previously because of Bronchiolitis and cough easily I have stop it for quite some times.

When comes to drink water, he wants me to drink together with him. I drink from cup while he drink from straw cup. Sometime he also wants to play, whereby after he drink from straw cup, he wants to sip from my cup then back to him straw cup. With only this repeat actions only he can drink more at a time. This pattern has been change lately, he can drink by himself when I call out for water time or pass him the tumbler.

Speech Development
Able to repeat words after us more and more now and more accurate too. For those he unable to pronounce he still proceed with baby language.

Able to pronounce words ending with "-s" accurately, like press, bus, yes, please and etc.

Know the meaning of "Sorry". If he accidentally knock down books, toys or things, he will say "Sorry, car", "Sorry, train" and etc... When he trips and falls, he also mention "Sorry" to himself. LOL!

Favourite words - "Mummy, please". He will say it non-stop after being scold, when I'm not talk to him (angry) or want to eat something which I not allow. He will stop till I said,"ok, ok, please." If I remain quiet he will start to cry.

When I said "No", "Wait" or "Later". He will "Please, please, please" non-stop.

Love to sing. Twinkle-twinkle Little Star, ABC songs, Happy Birthday and etc..he can sing the whole song with lots of his own language in between, but not out of tune.

Good in recognise and reading all capital alphabet and numbers (1-20). For numbers he can read out 1 to 10 Mandrin too. Point to any of it and he can read it out immediatedly. He still not good in recognise J,K and L only.

Still speaking lots of single words. The most accurate sentence he can say is "爸, 睡觉." in Mandarin.

He will say when he wants to eat or drink, but not when want to pass motion.

He able to describe to me in simple, what he has done when we came back from a place. He will say those things he sees or plays.

Love to call out family members - gong-gong, po-po, jiu-jiu, gu-gu, kor-kor. When he saw those around he will call many times. He can call many many times till you respond him.

Sleeping Pattern
Like to sleep on pillow, even he is out of that, he will move his head back to the pillow.

Good at adjusting himself back to the mattress too when nap on the floor.

When its time to nap, just give him the mattress, his nappy cloth and bolster and he will grab whatever he wants to accompany him to sleep. Most of the time is all his favourite car.

Want me to sleep facing him, if turn away from him, he will "Mummy, please..." again non-stop.

Every night, things to do before he wants to sleep - Talk, pray, watch 8 or more video clips from my mobile phone, see photo (caller pic) of popo, gong gong, jiu jiu, daddy and also himself (camera photo).

2 things he insists to do by himself. Bring back the milk bottles to kitchen and bring out his potty from bathroom. If I did it, he will cry, take and put it back to the original place and he do it again. Many things he will goes by his insist manner according to him favour.

Quite choosy now. Like who he wants to put on his shoe, who he wants to hold hand with when bring him to walk, who he wants to pull off his pant to pee and this moment not to the extend he choose himself which cloth or shoe to wear.

He can share his favourtite toys with some peer age's kids, some not. He will snatch it back. I still having hard time to teach him how to share things.
First time played with Baby Xin Tyen. They gets along well.

Both lower second mollars are fully erupted.

Able to do thumbs up sign indicating good boy or very good. He also can go counting with fingers very well showing 1 to 10.

Still not able to jump with both legs and drinks from cup yet.

Magic word to stop his loud cry from being scold, cry for hurt, cry for this or that is SORRY. He can stop immediatedly after the word "SORRY" being say with no further sobbing at all.

Can stay still in front of camera at appointed place. At home he able to follow instruction, but not when outdoor. When ask to smile, he will do the Darlie smile showing off all his teeth.

Change 2 milk powder brands. He was on Dutch Lady Friso Gold till like 31 months old. Later, we switch to Sustagen Junior. He was not really like it, cause he finish it slow. I test drink on it, it is quite sweet on the Vanilla flavour. After finish 2 boxes, we switched to Gain Plus Advance Eye-Q from Abott. So far, he got no problem with it and stool are ok too.

Refuse to sit by himself in car ride. Want me to hug him, sit on my lap or stand at the leg room beside window.

Master in changing channels from remote control. When we watching others, he will change back to his cartoon channel. He knows well the cartoon channel numbers.

He is definately crazy for cars. That explain why he is very happy to go on road and tell you 'car, car, car' and call the opposite direction cars 'car coming'. Same goes to his books, he only favour the "Transportation" object book. He can read and recognise all the transportation inside. Also my brother's Auto Magazine is his favourite too. He will flip the pages and when see those luxury big car, he'll say "Wah, so big".

So far all his car collection

Name all his toy cars. I didn't taught him this. But, so coincident all the car colours are those colours we having in our family. So he began to name it as pa car, popo car, gong-gong car, jiu jiu car, mummy car, sport car, police car and etc. He never get bored with all his toys. He can play the same set of toys for very long, as long as the set of car is there, he is a happy boy.

He even can't leave them alone when nap.


Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 32 months old Terry! He is so easily contented with his toys. Such a good boy. Gwen also not interested in feeding herself recently. Before this was eager to self feed. Kids are just unpredictable.

mommy to chumsy said...

Terry looks so handsome and he is heavier than ashley *pengsan*

hey, since terry doesn't like to chew much, why not cook the rice softer? this means less effort to chew and also cut up the food for him? i do that with ashley and initially she takes a long time to chew *slaps forehead* I also cook porridge on alternative days so that I don't get so stressed up feeding her rice. Plus, she also gets to eat more vege when I cook in porridge :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

so cute he sleep with his car lined up neatly beside him. a big boy now, really a big big boy!

Kristie said...

terry is so cute @ 32 mths! i like the way he says sorry to himself... kids are so cute ya!

Mummy Moon said...

He is getting more Leng Zai lahh.. He is so smart, can recognize all the capital ABCs.. YAn YAn can only recognize alphabet O .. how you teach him??

mumsgather said...

My boy loves cars too. I dunno why he loves to arrange it nicely in rows... maybe to admire. Haha.

slavemom said...

If he can eat faster by self-feeding, then let him eat himself. Can master his skill too. If scared messy, put some newspaper on the floor, so u dun hv to clean up so much afterwards.
At this age, he edi knows the magic of Please n Sorry. My boy oso says Sorry a lot, till no value liao. hehehe

vickylow said...

haha Terry also has the pattern redo the things that mommy done. He look much taller now.

Serene said...

Terry is a big boy now. He know so many things at 32 months.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy 32 months old Terry. He is so handsome, sure going to break many girls' heart in future!

Irene said...

hehe... sudah big loh! check out the car la, hehe... lining neatly beside him... eh go buy darlie, they giving out lil cute car, can drift wan. krys seems to like it a lot. so is the daddy *smack head* :)

Baby Darren said...

Happy 32 months old Terry!!

He has grown so much...getting more handsome...

He is so smart...knows all the capital alphabet...good job mommy in teaching him!!

sting said...

love that last pic of him sleeping besides his cars all lined up!! so cuteee!!

you are a very good mummy.. you can remember all those milestones.. :-) wished I was more like you.. hehehe


Terry seems all grown up. My lil one likes cars too but he is the kind that buy today and spoilt tomorrow. Dont take care and very rough with whatever he plays.

HN said...

Terry looks so handsome even at this young age:) and sounds like a very good boy too ..errr.. despite the feeding time which drives you crazy. but most of the kid have the same problem :P My Sethy eating speed depends very much on his mood :D

huisia said...

Happy 32 months old! what a car and pillow lover there :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Happy 3 months old, Terry.
Your kids are so handsome. :)

Debbie Y said...

Been long time did not drop by. Terry has growing up so much.

Happy 32 months!!

Sasha said...

he so leng jai difficult to feed him but he is heavier than Jayden also. Hahahhaa

little prince's mummy said...

Great achievements wor!~

Mummy In Vain said...

terry looks a bit different a grown up boy more bb like! handsome boy harrr....

agnes said...

wow.. last pix is cute!!! the cars align so nicely...

happy 32 mths old!!!

Wonderful Life said...

Hahah... my Ryan also crazy about cars too! He'll call out car, car, car and car. Never gets bored wt cars!

Happy 32 months old, Terry!