Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 2009 Chinese "Niu" Year the most relax one, not going to anywhere far and everyday we slept until 10am. Here is the summary of my 2009 CNY.

24/1 (年廿九)
Hubby started to off work for 1 week, so this will be his only free day to go for CNY shopping. Morning he went to change new notes first, then settle some outstanding payment at management office, while waiting me and my boy to get ready.

At 11ish, we have our brunch at Sakae Sushi in Bangsar Village. Right after that we accompany daddy to shop...went to Mid Valley, got nothing he likes. Etcetera~Mommy bump into me and my boy. I'm so glad that got chance to met her in person. She is such a pretty and soft spoken mummy.

The boy started to get cranky, refused to walk and cry, as it was past his nap time. We not proceed to The Garden anymore, we went to Subang Parade. While on the way there, the boy manage to re-charge for few minutes. Hubby shopped at Parkson, while I accompany the boy at the Lego desk place in the Toy's department, daddy faster settle his shopping. Finally, he got himself a new shirt and a pair of Crocs.

Back home, not having time to rest at all. After settling some housework, we went back to FIL house for reunion dinner. After reach home from the dinner, busy continue the house work, ironing clothes, cleaning and get ready the red packets till late.

25/1 (除夕)
Back to Seremban (hubby's granpa house) for reunion. We started our journey at 11.45am, on the way to Seremban the traffic moving slow. We managed to reach Labu at 1pm visiting hub's aunty first. Chit-chat, eat CNY snacks, collect and give ang pau till about 1.45pm, we left Labu and proceed to Rantau.
Taken with aunty (3rd from right) and family

On the way to Rantau, the boy suddenly vomit. He did not show any discomfort throughout the journey. So, after he vomit he looks kind of relieve. I suspect must be "road" sick. Stop by clean the seat and change the boy.

Have lunch and dinner there. The boy refuse to eat the food I purposely cook for him early the morning, well didn't force him too. He didn't nap there the whole day (did nap less than 1 hour before reaching Seremban), playing with the nieces and cousins. After his evening milk and our dinner, we back home. The boy slept all the way till we reach home at 8pm. We rest, have Mc.D supper and watch Astro CH301 for the CNY count down till late, at the same time accompany with housework too.

26/1 (初一)
Back to FIL house is the first thing to do of the day. My parents went there too for visit every year. Upon reaching FIL place, the boy vomit again, same like yesterday. Now I know what he has been up to. His stomach caught wind. Hubby whole shirt and jeans all kena. I didn't as I'm driving. So, hubby drove back home again to change, bring 'poh ying tan' and pack extra new clothing for the boy. The boy show up at FIL's place with a vomit look and dirty new year clothing..what to do, quickly I bathe and change him there. Later, he happily played with 3 SIL till sweat again.

Daddy return after 45 minutes. My parents left first to my uncle's house in Bangsar and we stay on for another hour. Had lunch there (actually is breakfast, we reach late, so become lunch already). As a traditional manner, I will served tea, say wishes and gave ang pau to my IL. My stomach feel upside down, luckily is ok after some 'biz'. I think must be the dinner before night at Seremban, cause mIL and a SIL also not feeling well. After done all, we left and went to my uncle's house around 1.45pm.

Another round of hu-haa there. Again we have late lunch and man have drinking session after that. The boy enjoy playing and walking around. There are at least 4 same age kids (born 2006) play together. The time was just too short for me to catch up with everyone, cause I'm not there often to met up my cousins. My uncle's house is the place where all relatives met during the 1st day of CNY. Everyone will go gather there. Since we reach late, many of them left already. So I only manage to see a few of them.

The boy refused to take lunch like doesn't feel hungry after too much playing. Since morning he only have milk till about 4pm have another milk without taking nap too. We left at 4.30pm, boy nap on the way back. He managed to nap again like 20 minutes before we went out for dinner. I'm not manage to rest at all, need to do settle housework. So tired...

At night, dinner with FIL at Restaurant Flower Drum. We have our first 'lou sang'. The food were fresh and good. It is a CNY set dinner. The boy very hungry, wallop his rice very fast and he behave very well throughout the dinner.

27/1 (初二)
This is the day back to the wife's home. Since this year not going back to Ipoh (my mum's hometown), we got more time spent at my parents home. My 4th aunty also visiting. We had lunch together and chit-chatting with each other. Just feel so lazy to move. I ate non-stop...and the boy play non-stop. Again, no nap for him till everyone left. He catched a good 2 hours late nap before we went home. Gave my parents ang pau and had dinner there too.

Back home, fed the boy dinner and watch TV. Hubby went out drinking with his friend and end up road block around Cheras area for alcohol check on driver. Got fine RM200, those who travel same car with hubby shared the fine, cause all also drink.

28/1 (初三)
Supposed to join FIL visiting relatives in Kepong and Selayang, but hubby woke up late, so not join them for relative visiting. On the same day FIL and SIL all off to Bali for holiday. In the afternoon, after hubby settle some errand, we went to Jogoya at 2pm for hi-tea (late lunch). 3 of us spend RM169+ for the Japanese Buffet. 2 years ago we ate there for supper. Compared with 2 years ago, this round, the food is so much lesser choice, especially sushi and sashimi, no chinese hot boil soup, less choice for dessert, chinese and western dishes too. Feel a bit disappointed for the food choice. But overall the quality is still ok and we wallop lots of abalone. The boy not so interested in the food. He just ate fruits (a lot) and when he gets tired he kept pulling us to walk with him...thats also help us to digest. He behave well too, cause I reminded him thousand of times what we going to do. Back home with tummy full at 4pm. Walk across Pavillion, there is a big gold cow placing at the entrance and lion dance performance.

Boy managed to nap an hour plus at home. At night, my uncle spend us CNY dinner at Unique Seafood Restautant (23) at PJ. 6 tables of all relatives in a private room. Another round of 'lou sang'. Boy make fuss since woke up from nap till we reach restaurant, because of not enough sleep. He began to warm up when the food comes. He showed his ability to scoop and eat by himself. Again he ate very fast by himself and almost finish a bowl of big rice with shark fins soup and fish.

29/1 (初四)
Not going anywhere. Cooked lunch and dinner at home. Hubby went out visiting his friends.

30/1 (初五)
Wake up late. Book movie ticket at cinema through the phone. 3 years not stepping into cinema, a bit lost when want to book for ticket..hahaha..We watched Alls Well, Ends Well (家有囍事2009) at TGV, Sunway Pyramid at 1.30pm. A comedy that makes everyone laugh from start till the end. Hubby and me went for it only. My mum helped look after the boy.

Supposed to watch another movie - The Wedding Game (大囍事), hubby not so into movie mood to watch it on the same day. So we off to have tea-time at Old Town Coffee then went to PJ States to run some errand. Back to my parents home for dinner and pick up the boy.

31/1 (初六)
Today, updating blog and have a bit of time to online. Almost come to the end of CNY, time to get ready for work and back to normal routine again. Plan to do some grocery shopping today or tomorrow.


LittleLamb said...

The show, All Wells End Wells...raelly that good? I wonder can get pirated DVD or not already...hehehe

Kristie said...

wow a real fulfilling CNY! lots of good food, good company and i hope terry collected lots of ang pows!

so lucky still got chance to spend time alone with hubby :)

rest well!

mommy to chumsy said...

wow..this is a very long post...heheheheh. hey, me also wondering how was the show - All's Well Ends Well? I watched all the previous ones and enjoyed it tremendously.

Serene said...

I also watched the same show. All wells end wells. Laugh from the beginning till end. Its a good show! haha.. Glad that you enjoyed the festival!

vickylow said...

Oh the All Wells End Wells sound funny huh. I haven't watch a single CNY movie, maybe no chance too hmmm

Mummy Moon said...

Me too didn't step into cinema after having babies... hope Terry is getting better ya!

Baby Darren said...

Good that u managed to get some couple time with your hubby.

Luckily Terry's vomit did not turn out to be any virus infection..

Wish u a very prosperous and healthy Niu Year!!

etceteramommy said...

It was a plesant surprise to bump into you and Terry too. I knew it was Terry the minute I saw him. Such a handsome boy! Mommy too, you look good. All geared for the CNY :D

huisia said...

i didn't watch any movie too, actually i didn't have smooth CNY, the kids fell sick one by one.

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

slavemom said...

U said relaxing but Terry din get much nap leh. hahaha But I'm sure he's happy with all the playing n eating - yu chee lou fan samo. ;)