Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Goodies

Many thanks to this capable mama, I'm so happy over the MSN the other day, when she told me that my blog being selected to review a series of Teik Senn products. Min Hui in later brought over the goodies bag for me to try. These are the things:

Sun-Maid raisins and mini snack pack, SunSweet Pitted Prunes, Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat, Diamond Zipper Storage bags, an apron and a recipe book.

The recipe book show us how we can cook and enjoy the raisins and prunes in our meal, rather than just eat it directly. These products is not new to me, as I'm (and the lil boss too) a regular consumer for prunes and raisins. The Sun-maid raisin is the first snack I introduced to Terry. He loves it to bit and everyday he will sure ask a few from me. I never turn him down, as I know Sun-maid raisin are all natural California raisins that promotes good health by take a few everyday. This dried fruit can simply increase your daily intake of more fruit. For Terry, not only it work as a snack, it also a good food for me to bribe him whenever his mood flush up. Raisins has been accompany in his meal too when he is no mood to finish his meal or less appetite to eat. The mini snack pack is very convenient to bring along and keep in my bag. I can give him at anytime in ride or dining out.

Prunes from Sunsweet is another great products. It is one of my favourite ready to eat snack and also a must have item in gift pack, especially during Chinese New Year. The Nutrition Density Index shows that, prunes are having the highest nutrient among other fresh fruits.

Although I'm not regularly took canned food especially luncheon meat, but after I tried the Tulip Luncheon Meat imported from Denmark, not bad, I like it very much. I used it to fried rice and everyone at home love it. The ham are less fat and less salty is so fragrant when accompany it in fried rice. Using luncheon meat to make sandwiches and burger I'm yet to it try, I'm sure it taste good too.

Diamond zipper bag in various sizes having lots of storage usage. It is a great to keep fresh food from being polluted and expose a lot in the air. Especially those meats, fruits and vegetable we have prepared and not cook/eat it yet. It can helps to maintain the freshness of the food. Marinated food in the zipper bag also another idea, whereby you can dump all the meat, spices, sauces and ingredients into the bag and rub in it. Packet food or snacks after open which need storage later can use zipper bag too. Sterilised utensils or baby bottles can keep in zipper bag to prevent it gets dirty again. I find that using zipper bag to store foods in refrigerator can save up a lot of space.

Thats all I want to share a little info on the goodness of these products. The Sunsweet recipe here, having a few delicious entrees which makes me so drooling now. Hope I can cook and share it with my family during CNY.


vickylow said...

Nice goodies and it's a healthy snack for kids even adult too :)

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

huisia said...

you can try the SPAM luncheon meat, taste even better than TULIP. SPAM is fully imported from USA.

Kristie said...

lucky u!

enjoy the new stuffs :)

Mummy Moon said...

Terry must be happy seeing how many good stuff

sting said...

the recipes are really good hoh :-)

Colon Cleanse said...

nice stuff...i like it