Friday, January 09, 2009

Getting ready for CNY

Days and times passed so fast, next week is already mid of January and after that CNY will be here. Mum have told me to have reunion dinner on 18/1, girl side always have to be earlier no choice. I already half way preparing. Curtains already start washing it since last month. Now left the spring cleaning to do from ceiling, windows to floor. Got to settle all by myself, hubby no time to help...well, will try to do as much as possible. Not going anywhere far this CNY, basically just relatives and friends visiting. Will also try to budget on buying CNY stuff. I just want a peaceful and simple CNY.

I already started hunting for new year clothing before the year-end sales ended last month. Luckily able to get all, some with discount. These are the new clothing for me and my boy.

Top from Mix Culture and Nichii, 3/4 legging from Nichii too and shoe. Total spend RM226

Poney Polo-T, Carters and Gap double sleeve top, 2 Miki pants, socks and shoe. Total spend RM192

Wearing pants or legging is still my best choice for need to take care of a active kid and I allow myself to wear short heel shoe this year. I had my hair cut last week at Shunji Matsuo again from Sunny and he gave me a heavy layered this round. Again, I so satisfied for what pro did (RM68 haircut only). My boy too had it before New Year and I'm still thinking whether want to cut it again when CNY near. His hair is getting long so fast. Bringing him for a hair cut is nightmare to me.

It was so terrible the last round. He knew that he will go for a hair cut and said want. Once the cutter move on his head, he started to cry, get louder and louder. No way to stop him and calm him with sweets and talks. He was pushing the hairdresser away with turning left right and bowing his head up and down to avoid the cutter, scissor cut also not allow when half way cutting. The hairdresser was so afraid to continue with his moving non-stop. Also, he tried to get off sitting my lap, hold my hand and want to go away pointing to the door. I got no choice, got to hold tight his head and grab him tightly. Still can't do it properly as he have his full energy to escape too. End up, I scold him in loud and gave a few smack on his lap. He was still moving a lot after that, we force to continue too. He sat on the floor to finish his hair cut and the hairdresser got to squad down to cut his hair...It was a war time during hair cut. I think the aunty also scared when seeing him walk in for a hair cut everytime...any tips can help to calm down a kid when going for a hair cut?

So what you going to prepared for this CNY? Been reading emails about the Mandrin Oranges with worms. Better becareful when we choose the foods from China like those biscuits, oranges, dried chinese sausages and duck, dates and etc..better choose and buy wisely. I will be start getting busy for the spring cleaning next week. Till then, have a nice weekend to all.


Daddy said...

Wah! Already CNY shopping liow. We have not even started. Don't know why but not much CNY mood this year.

huisia said...

ya, i read the email too..yuck, so scary know, i took quite a lot of mandarin oranges the couple of weeks before..

Irene said...

hey, shiok shopping yah... hmmm... we cant really celebrate CNY tiz year, nothing keng i guess, cus my FIL passed away last year June :(

happy cleaning :)

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, nice clothes you got there. So colorful :D wow..a big hole in the pocket eh?

I also read about the worms in the mandarin oranges :( so how eh? to eat or not to eat?

Kristie said...

have a great CNY! terry and ur clothing are all very nice :)

Serene said...

Ya I started my spring cleaning since X'mas time. Hubby on long leave so we started to wash curtains, rooms, living hall and now we almost done 70% of it.
You're real good in budgeting! I think i shall learn from you next time!
Wish you and Terry a happy lunar new year!!

Mummy Moon said...

Nice stuff for you and Terry.. Me too need spring cleaning... Very lazy lahh, each day do a little by a little, hopefully when it comes to CNY, I am able to give a new look to my house.

Kristie said...

i have 3 awards for u!

Baby Darren said...

when the kids are growing older, we mommies can at least "pan leng" a bit. Your heel shoe is nice but I still dare not wear heel shoes when taking care of darren.

Happy spring cleaning!!

LittleLamb said... much shopping...:)
I'm sure u will have a great CNY ahead :)

etceteramommy said...

Well prepared for CNY ya. :D

The haircut phobia.. don't worry. He'll outgrow it. I know because I went through the exact phase. Just keep on talking to him at home.. do pretend play etc. Or get your hubs to cut first then his turn. Eventually he will outgrow his fear just like my boy did. :D

slavemom said...

Shopping all done for CNY ya. Good lor, coz last min shopping usually cannot get good buys n pressured to buy for the sake of buying.
As for haircut, I'm oso clueless. Jes hv to wait patiently for the fussfree day to come, I guess. :)

Oliveoylz said...

Happy spring cleaning! Nice collection of new clothes there! Can't wait to put them on, ya?

Lovely Mummy said...

wow, so fast,i bought new clothes for my kid, but me still want to buy somemore...may be you can try to go other place or house hair kid used to cry like hell when go to barber shop. Now very like to go for hair cut as I bring him to my mum's neighbour house for hair cut.

J@n!ce said...

I bought the Poney Tee for my boys when we went to Genting last year leh. haha :)

I still haven't got any new outfit for myself for the CNY. Looks like you are getting all ready to welcome CNY :)

Check out my new blog look ok? :)