Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shielding lotion for dry skin

Every woman love to have a pair of soft, smooth and silky hand. No doubt, I'm one of them too. But being born with a pair of dry hands, I'm always try my best to use good lotion to keep it in a good condition.

Needless to after being a mum and fulltime housewife, the condition become bad and wanting to have a perfect condition of hand is like a dream now. Everyday I got to contact with many strong chemicals washing detergent, it really does spoil the skin. The conventional lotions rather works good as the moisture will wash off together once I wash my hand.

After knowing from Sasha she is trying a new lotion, I very urge to give it a try. Gloves In A Bottle works different! It is a shielding lotion and it does not wash off. It is like an "invisible glove" will continue to give protection to dry skin by keeping the moisture being irritate out.

I simply fall in love with the lotion texture. It is quick absorb to skin, fragrance free, moisture and most important it not left with greasy feel. I can immediately continue to work at kitchen without leaving any oily hand prints on glass-ware.

I think I will stick to Gloves In A Bottle for sometime. After using it for few weeks, my skin is smoother, not dry and crack like before. If you like to feel yourself the goodness of this lotion, don't hestitate to email Pete Grimaldi to ask for samples.


sting said...

I find it's a good lotion too :-)

Center Parted said...

Is this something like the product called Invisible Gloves?

Its a silicone-based cream that you apply, wait for 10 mins or so, and then be protected (even from mild acids) for a few hours....

Serene said...

Ya.. I also can't wait to try the lotion. Have request the samples, currently still waiting the lotion to reach me.