Monday, July 25, 2005

Wireless home

Last Saturday after work, we went down to low yat plaza to get our wireless connection ready since we hav the streamyx connection. We actually were a bit blur on how to configure it and the wireless device we suppose to get. The day before Brandon was trying to check out wit his fren, but his fren seems giving blur info also…ok we got down there to check and ask for it…finally we got it…

We got a wireless modem and actually its also a router and a USB wireless stick 54 Mbps, size like a thumb drive. That’s what makes the wireless connection. Both things cost RM 360. Since when registered for the streamyx we’ve got a modem, and now we can’t used that…if we know it, then we shouldn’t get their modem…the modem not really good ..makes the connection not smooth for the last few days…now we change it and it is much better.

We both blur blur configure it…test here n there..just to try out, coz we also dunno how to do it…Aft a while later we only get it done. We found out that the connection can’t restricted only to 2 users. So the SSID need to put as "any" then only can connect to the wireless point…Wireless modem can support 4 hubs and abt 200 wireless connection at the same time…so imagine if next door do not hav wireless modem and happen they use it like Wi-Fi they can connect using our modem..

The wireless modem allow either to used LAN cable or used wireless stick. So my desktop was the one need to use the stick to connect. If were to bring outside the stick also can plug in to laptop. Upon configuring it…my desktop really gives me problem. Thought of format my desktop since last year coz the operating system was not really stable n it does not allow to install Ms. Office. Now, aft the wireless stick install the problem is more…Internet Explorer problem, hardware setting and corruption error and also my CD-ROM spoilt this time..haii…so I was so frustrated when using it…

Try to re-install the hardware again, the same problem happen also. So my not-so-stable pc is time to format. Brandon scarifies his sleeping time to format my pc and re-install others software until this morning 4.30am. Unfortunately my backup data stored in the partition drive was being deleted when formatting. Luckily not so much, only those photos which haven’t been developed. Only 60% are done, still hav some to install to make it perfect for the moment hopefully it can work fine. The connection was fast. 12MB data can download it in 10 min.

Mega Sales just started, that day aft dinner we went over to Isetan, but can't manage to get any. May b too rush n tired..can't see anything nice...

Read the news today, coming PC fair will be held at KL Convention centre on Aug 5th - 7th. 5000 parking space available, more booth and spacious this time compared to last round.

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