Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Life FAQ

Have you ever wonder you hav been answered many of these FAQ many times along the way you growing up? Sometime your respond may b silent, coz you dun hav an answer yet. Or, we bring out another topic to cross over this question, coz u dun wan to answer…Sometimes if you were to respond, our answer may disappoint them for that time being and makes them keep on asking. Some ppl may wan to keep it low, better than if ur answer disappointed them. But, no matter how u dun like to answer it, how many time the same person ask u again n again…for those who care about u they are still very keen to find out aft a while they not see u. hehe…don’t u know indirectly we ourselves have also asking a lot of these question to others?

Below are the common questions I faced: -
1. Still study? in Standard what? Form?
2. Hows ur exam result? How many ‘A’s u hav? (very pressure la)
3. Which Uni /College u go? Majoring in?
4. Still study? How many years more to complete?
5. Working already? Where and what u work as? Salary how much now?
6. Got boyfriend already?
7. When u get married? (aft u hav steady relationship)
8. When to get baby? (right aft married)
9. When u hav more to come? (aft u got 1st child..)
I think until the last point, your ppl ard u may start to slow down in finding out the coming FAQ.

That’s what a life growing process. Currently u know I’m stuck at which point ya…lately a lot of ppl wan to find this out….I dunno how long I need to repeat this answer to the same person n to those who wan to find out… my response was just let it happen as it goes…be patient.. :)

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Li Li Chan said...

Good thoughts Judy! This is really a refreshing session for me as I sometimes unconsciously been asked this kinda questions and my toughest and hardest question in my life currently is this one:-

- Got boyfriend already?
[Li Li] Mmm....I am scared to answer this because normally they will be telling me, come on don't be choosy. You are not so young already. Yes, aunty I know it fairly well to be honest and I think different people have different phase of live! For me, it will be slightly slower! Oh another thing that I am scared of it to ask 'ang pow' from my relatives during last CNY. Some of them are elder than me by only like 2-3 years and they are happily married! Am thinking not to be muka tembok next year lar!

Judy, you be patient okie! I am sure your time for that 'point' will come soon! :-)