Saturday, July 09, 2005


Have a chance attend this FHM 100 Most Sexiest Woman in the World event organised by FHM (ForHimMagazine) yesterday at Atmosphere. Brandon, me and my cousin sis went together as we all got the pass. Upon arrival, we received a goodies bag worth more than RM100 and free drink by Carlsberg. Among 7 sexiest babe who appear at the night, the only one I can recognise was Amber Chia, she dress hot and sexy. Pass entry at 7.30pm, event starts at 9pm. We enjoy watching the fashion show by Dockers, games section by Nivea, Carlsberg and Brylcreem. The night 90% was guys..

100 Most Sexiest Top 10 in the world, voted by Malaysian.
1) Angelina Jolie
2) Amber Chia
3) Sarah Tan
4) Britney Spears
5) Jessica Alba
6) Jennifer Garner
7) Kylie Minogue
8) Beyonce
9) Halle Berry
10) Jennifer Lopez

And, some other famous one,
14) Zhang Ziyi
16) Maya Karin
18) Alicia Keys
19) Paula Malai Ali
20) Coco Lee
24) Nicole Kidman
25) Tata Young
26) Shu Qi
27) Pamela Anderson
34) Christina Aguilera
35) Lin Zi Ling
40) Lindsay Lohan
43) Jennifer Love Hewitt
44) Shakira
45) Landy (Wen Lan - Taiwan singer)
46) Mariah Carey
50) Zhao Wei
52) Cameron Diaz
61) Karen Mok
64) Camelia
72) Avril Lavigne
73) Elaine Daly
79) Catherine Zeta-Jones
76) Daphne Iking
84) Anastacia
85) Aishwarya Rai
87) Lucy Liu
93) Erra Fazira

We left quite early, as Brandon just having a small surgery on his tooth gum near the wisdom teeth this afternoon.

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