Friday, July 15, 2005

Finally connected...

We have been waiting for Streamyx connection since the day we shift in. Ppl always thought that my area should having it for the reason of those smart centre are there, in fact not. The installer told us if area do not hav high request, connection won't on for all. So, finally we got it connected yesterday night. Currently we connect it using the laptop later when I bring back my desktop will think of getting a wireless hub, so that both can be use. Was so excited to used the Internet, as pages are loaded fast, download fast, everything fast. Yesterday night I was using the Internet for 3 hours, not that long before since shift in. Last time the snail connection u'll feel rather dun use it..wasting time wait for it to load >_<

I was uploading all the wedding day photo that I promised I want to do, and check all those thousand k above emails...finally finish...may b tonight or by weekend the Beijing trip photo will all upload.

Thinking that now we like no time for TV. The Astro channel only got to watch it during weekend...and now may b the Streamyx also use not more than 24 hrs. in a week. But things are still need to stop for 1 month oready, not freeze it..still need to used are faster than pouring water..

Shopping kaki, this month end till beginning Sept. was Mega Sales. Broke!

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