Monday, July 11, 2005


Since Brandon last won the California Fitness 1 month VIP pass he hasn’t used it, so yesterday we went to check out the thing at Menara Standard Chartered. Thought that he only let him used for 1 month, so Brandon just try to check whether can gain another pass for me to join with him, the instructor so kind, he let me go for 7 days trial…After that we fill up forms, we need to go to the Personal Training room to do height, weight and body fat check. The procedure was so detail taken. After check all that, he also analysis what we need to do to achieve ideal body muscle and strength and also the instructor introduce what are the kind of personal training they have. Of course they not forget to briefly tell us about the membership and joining fees…This coming week I’ll having my 7 days trial, while Brandon might got for one month long. So bad…1 month already I didn’t back to my own FF liow..monthly fee wasted..

So coincidence I recognize one of the lady sales person from FF, Leisure Mall worked in California as sales too. Just chat with her for a while, according to her she said not nice working in FF in the way they treat the staff. She was there is because CF recruit her from FF (wow, really competitive). So she briefly tells me what are the benefits joining California and she said they are very strict in select instructor. What so special was they have a lady workout and stretching area, guy are strictly prohibited. This is good for the gals so that they dun feel embarrass when they do stretching or workout.

California Fitness have occupy 5th floor, spacious, modern design. 1st floor personal training room, 2nd floor – 4th floor are all the workout and cardio area. They only have 1 group exercise studio, which situated at 2nd floor, it is very big. 5th floor only the Restroom..Bath towel are provided free without extra payment. They do not have Juice Bar and VCD rental. Overall quite ok with the facilities and ppl there. Membership fees compare to FF comes slightly cheaper, just that location we dun like.

Extremely wanted to watch movie Initial-D since the day it was shown in the cinema, but till today the show time is still always full…we even go telephone advance booking, still hardly get. That was very bad coz only TGV can have that movie on. Yesterday try to bought tickets from counter at KLCC TGV, you know the queue lane (special for Initial-D and War of the World only) were go far until the Aunty Annie there. So we continue to check out the availability seat for all the 11 showtime from the screen, that time we queue up was 3.30pm the screen shows the seat only available at 8.50pm (and that hour also running fast already)..Gosh! how to wait until that we decided to left. We took our meals there then we went home. Later we do advance telephone booking for tomorrow night 11pm..finally got it..can’t wait anymore..hehe…Due to having cold yogurt drink in the morning, yesterday whole day my stomach was not right. At last I’m having diarrhea in the evening and makes me can’t took any dinner.


Shirlyn said...

heard a lot say CF not bad. hopefully can try on it. Just tat the location not convi but I know they will having more outlets soon

Mun said...

Do drop by at my blog to read about stories happening in gym... ;o)