Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mother’s Day Weekend

Saturday, Wesak day holiday, we don’t have any special plan for the day. Hubby was not working and he of cause very treasure the off day as he can wake up late. For me, as usual, I got to do my marketing early in the morning. Came back, settle and clean the stuff bought, after lunch we all nap together. It was a freaking hot day. That whole afternoon, we stayed in the air-con room and nap till evening. The heat was really unbearable without air-con. We don’t used to sleep at night with air-con all these while, but now every night we can’t sleep without it.

Holiday also means my kitchen off. At night, we went out for dinner at Serdang for famous spicy soup at Restaurant Kien Kee. On the way there around 7.45pm, not sure anyone noticed the sky, the full moon was extraordinary big and bright! My boy was thrill looking at it and keep pointing at the big round moon.

Since it is Mother’s day weekend, we expected crowd in shopping mall and restaurant. Luckily it was not at this famous stall we went. But we still got to wait a lil longer for the food. The restaurant was not really full house, but can see almost all tables being occupied.

Spicy soup, Fah Teu chicken and Taufu

Kien Kee is famous for 2 of its signature dish - spicy soup and Fah Teu chicken. Other dishes are rice wine chicken, drunken prawn, white steam taufu and stir fried vege, that’s what they have only. This restaurant has been founded by Ho Chak! quite sometimes ago (judged from the color faded Ho Chak! sign). For using the tables in air-con room there will be RM2 extra charge. Food wise the charges is reasonable, RM8 /head for soup or chicken. The spicy soup is not made up with curry or chili; it is pepper soup cook with pork. For Fah Teu chicken also tastes a bit spicy but they cooked it till too black to my liking. Overall the foods are quite delicious and I whacked 2 bowls of rice with it.

Sunday, Mother’s day morning, as usual we went church (me and Terry only). I didn’t stay at the worship hall during sermon time. I brought the boy up to the Sunday school class to join the other elder kids study bible verses and later art time making mother’s day card.

Of cause the boy can’t sit still, he kept plays with Juin Peng (Terry’s best friend in church) and making noise. He was actually a bit too young for the class, but sometime I still put him in to let him get used of the learning environment.

During the art time, we colored the Mother’s Day card using thumb prints. He quite fascinate in doing it for the first time as the water color put on his small thumb and chop on the paper. With my help Terry managed to make his first Mother’s Day card ;)

Close up of my first Mother's day card
(Small thumb prints from Terry making the small flower, crawling worm and lady birds, other are mine)

Every year, church will give every mother a stalk of Carnation, prayer specially for mummy and cake cutting. Refreshment that day also a bit more than usual.

Back home, I was so tired and wanted to get a cat nap, but wanted to go bank and wish to check out Q Jelly, so off I went there and also shop at IOI Mall Daiso. 3rd times went to Daiso, finally this round I able to check out all the section. It was really lots of stuff there. Each item for RM5 is real worth for the Japan imported quality. I managed to get 2 photo frames, the quality is better than Ikea's one.

Back home around 4.30pm, we don’t have Mother’s day dinner. As usual, my mum still cooks for us and I bought her Q Jelly.

At night, we went for a Thanksgiving Concert at Palace of Golden Horse, as heard there will be top famous artists (those in my parent's era) from Taiwan. It was free entrance. I went together with them and thanks to hubby for taking care the boy at home.

Artist for the night - 邰正宵 (pic), 纪宝如 and 湯蘭花.

This Thanksgiving concert were held in conjunction of GoodTV launching in Malaysia. GoodTV is a channel 24 hours broadcasting Christian program from Taiwan. We can now watch it from DeTV - Malaysia first Internet TV bringing in all Taiwan Chinese program using broadband connection.

I believe it will be a hit in future for its low monthly subscription fee, no interruption during rainy day, 72 hours program repeat after the first show and the control of pause, fast forward, rewind, stop and bookmark your favorite show (so imagine those TV ads can be FF>> away, simply great!). I will consider signing up one soon, still need to find out how it work entirely.
Another Mother's Day gift from GoodTV

Not forget, my late wishes to all greatest mummies,



LittleLamb said...

Judy, a Happy Mother's Day to you.. & blessed one too :)

Serene said...

Happy belated Mother's day! Wow, you had a great weekends!!

etceteramommy said...

What a fun filled Mother's Day. I love the card.. love the thumb print idea!

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

huisia said...

most of the times we only see the lip print, so this thumb prints are definitely special.

happy mother's day, judy!

Malaika's mummy said...

Happy Mother#s day to you. your mother#s day weekend was filled with activity.

Mummy Gwen said...

Your weekend was filled with activities. A good one though. Happy Belated Mother's Day.