Friday, May 08, 2009

Coach Handbag

It was a dream come true, 5 months ago (sorry for posting it up late ~~ rather than not!), I finally own my very very first piece of luxury designer piece - a COACH handbag. The feeling - of cause I'm so happy (just like any kids getting the new toy) and very satisfied for getting what I truly love. I've been longing for a good bag since quite sometimes ago. At home, always hook up to to check out bag design or admired the Coach bags window display at boutique and peep at the bag price, LOL!

How do I end up getting a Coach Bag? Since the last luxury warehouse sales giving me a damn big disappointment, I told myself I will get it one day from the boutique, walking in comfortably and choose the latest and newest bag design I like, without much looking at the price.

I was not really expected I will get my Coach at that time. During the last year end sales shopping, the only thing I want is a handbag. I was trying to look for other brand handbags too from branded to the departmental store one, walking up and down whole mall for few hours. None of them goes into my eye, either the bag design is not the one I like or the bag doesn't cost the price.

With so much disappointment and desperation for a good handbag after checking out in the mall and online. Finally, I walked into Coach boutique, KLCC (Novermber 30th, 2008) for the first time. I took a good time browsing all bags displayed on the shelf and trying to put on those I like. Finally I choose this Coach Soho Signature Hobo (12675) for RM1400.

Khaki Signature Sateen Fabric & Mahogany Leather Trim
Mahogany Leather shoulder strap with 7" Drop
Zip Top closure with Leather pull
Silver hardware with silver COACH tag and carriage key fob
One large interior zip pocket
Light tan inside lining
Two interior multifunction pockets
COACH leather Authenticity patch with serial number
Inside D-ring for keys or accessories
Approx Dimensions: 14" length X 10" Height X 3" width

It was exactly the expected bag design I want and this bag simply suit my personality. I grab it without any second thought! Once for all, I think this Coach bag can be use for the next 7-8 years time. I don't used to own many handbags, change one at a time and use the same for all occasion. My old MNG canvas handbag (RM89) has been used for at least 5 years time and wash for few times (quite old looking already), so it is time for something good and long lasting. Among the luxury designer brands, Coach is the cheapest and generally affordable one. I willing to spend on one good handbag rather than rotate bags or buy a wardrobe full of bags and not use them often. I know I won't go wrong getting that.

A handbag can be repeadily use everyday unlike clothing and fashion wear. So, handbag is worth to go for a luxury one. Coach changes its bag season rapidly, the new budget-friendly line - Poppy will be release in coming July. As its name suggests, Poppy is a fresher, more youthful collection than its parent line. This latest range will be release in boutique later. For those who interested, now you can get it online. Just a good deal for everyone, you can get hold of it with free shipping all the way from US to MYS from her (pls make your purchase before 10th May).

POPPY SIGNATURE SPOTLIGHT BAG ~ cheaper than my handbag

Oh Gosh~~!! gorgeous bag, I want this too! Another big carrier bag (not handbag, opps..) I'm looking for. There goes another item in my wish list.


LittleLamb said...

sigh..i hope to own a coah bag (real one) one day..

mommy to chumsy said...

very nice :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Finally you have posted it..hehe. I like your bag!!!! Very nice. The Poppy range not bad huh. I like big carrier bags..hehe.

HN said...

I am really really really happy for you!!! The satisfaction of owing something that you have dreamt of is beyond words!

huisia said...

nice bag you have
i like the poppy, but i don't like the pink color..

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Congrats! We have to spoil ourselves ocassionally :)

Kristie said...

i also love coach bags... but so expensive lah :(

nana said...

Love Coach so much that I always hook up to like you did. Eventually I end up helping my friend to sell Coach bags she bought in US.

etceteramommy said...

You deserved it! It's very nice and easy to match with clothes too. But then hor, they say once you have one, you're gpnna have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th...... *evil* LOL.

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