Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jesus Christ Birthday

Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to be born. To others, it is because of this festive were too commercialise, many may feel that Christmas is all about holiday, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts and party. Well, don't forget Jesus Is The Reason For The Season! Rejoice!

Choir team from Puchong Branch

Every year, we celebrated this day at church. Family and friends were invited to join and learn the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus. This year, our church celebrate it at the Lestari branch church, also the first time for the branch church there organising it. We have presentation by both Puchong and Lestari church members from kids to adults. Followed by short speech by Pastor and baptism ceremony. It was really a joyful day to see about 10+ members baptisted to declare themselve as Christian.

A simple buffet lunch served in the end. I also exchanged gift with some church sisters. Terry was not able to sit still, until I unwrapped the gift from po-po on the spot...(no choice, as he kept wanted to walk outside which is very hot). It was a remote control car. I just let him to hold on the car and later he quiet for a while. He not ate much of the food and overall he behave well. We left at 1.30pm, back home and nap. So Terry's gift no longer can wait till Boxing Day to open. Here is what he got this year.

Thanks Mummy Moon and po-po, he loves these car very much!

In the evening, daddy brought us to Niu Ze Xui at Ara Damansara for dinner and watch the Disney Festive Fun-tasy lighting. Coming up post will talk about the Festive Fun-tasy. Overall, we have a great day spending time together on Christmas Day.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Cool car!

Wonderful Life said...

Nice cars!

haha... my boy sure won't let go of it if he gets to hold the cars!