Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve lunch

I counting the time when was the last I hang out with Mummy Moon. It was still back in the schooling days! I remembered we loved to go KL jalan-jalan with few others by taking public transport. It was so much fun go makan and shopping. Times really flies, more than 10 years we not hang out together. We do meet up in between but not for hang out.

I'm so happy we still keep in touch till today. Most grateful one, she was one of my blogging buddy not long ago. We share a lot of common now through blogging and because of that we keep even closer contact. Really, I treasure so much this friendship, somehow after leaving school, not many schoolmates' friend can keep contact for long. We not have many photo with each other all these years. Here are those precious one.

The one and only school day pic with Mummy Moon at 1994

During my wedding, Feb'05

At Mummy Moon's wedding Sept'05

Ok, enough of story between me and Mummy Moon before I out of the topic. Yesterday was very special, since after schooling years, we first time arrange to go out with our little one. We went to Mid Valley have lunch followed by gift exchange for the kiddo. The day before I already start mentioning Yan Yan (Mummy Moon's princess) to Terry, so that he familiar with it when meet up. So far so good, he having good time when we were there and get along well with Yan Yan. He not making fuss too although it was past his afternoon nap time.

Since the photo session with Santa was on when we reached, we not miss the chance and have one. My boy, he afraid of Santa Claus (even those hanging decoration too), I make a quick move when we on the stage for photo and try not to let him face the Santa Claus directly. He not cry, but he is not happy with it. I can't imagine how if he sit on the Santa's lap, sure we can't make for it already. The paid shoot turn out his head looking down.

This taken from my camera still better

Later, we have lunch at Esquire Kitchen then proceed to Boulevard Hotel which the place less crowded and let the kiddo to exchange the gift in front of the Christmas tree. It was so funny seeing them hold on the gift and we directing them passing to each other.

The beary Christmas tree at Boulevard Hotel's lobby

Yan Yan and Terry

Exchanging gift

Yan Yan can't wait to unwrap the gift on the spot and so do Terry. He hold on the toy car and not want to let go it. We shopped a while too after that. Thanks Mummy Moon for calling us out for this lunch and we really have a great time together. Terry was so tired and slept all the way home. Today, he still mentioning his friend Yan Yan to me...

Wish everyone have a


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Mommy to Chumsy said... you and mommy moon are schoolmates. you both live close to each other too eh? that's nice.

terry is so brave to take photo with santa. ashley cries each time she sees santa claus *slaps forehead* i like the photo of terry and yan yan. so cute!

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mummy Gwen said...

That's great that both of you are still keeping in touch. Terry is a good boy already coz he could sit there with you and take pic with Santa. Gwen sure cry coz she is very afraid of strangers la. Haha..I like the photo of Terry and Yan Yan exchanging gifts.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sounds like a really good time! You can kau tim Terry on your own in a shopping mall?

Mummy Moon said...

So pai seeh you add in my old photo in your pose!!

Kristie said...

yes, it is really nice to have good friends for so many years! keep in touch!!!