Saturday, December 27, 2008

Disney Festive Fun-tasy @ Niu Ze Xui

It was our first time at Niu Ze Xui. This cozy lifestyle commercial area open last year and it is still quite empty. Good that the basement parking is free. I can't believe the road leading to this place is kind of tricky..need to turn don't how many left right in the housing area and pass through a small, dark and narrow tunnel. Hubby did find out from friend before going there. As seeing the heavy dark cloud on the way to NZX, I was so afraid it gonna to be a heavy downpour later. Luckily it was not when we were there.

We have our dinner at Station One first before buying entrance tickets, as there were slightly rain outside. Luckily the rain stopped after dinner. As usual I told the boy in the car where we going and what we going to see later and he did show his excitement on it. I foresee he should be alright for the night since he had 2 hours nap and also what he going to see is something familiar to him.

The crowd started to get pack when the rain stopped. Lots of parents and kids came to watch this Disney Lights and Lanterns. We bought 2 adult tickets (RM10 for adult, RM5 for kid. Below 90cm tall - Free). It was a small area, only 2 rows of characters display on your left and right. There are games and photo booth too. It was so disappointed, only 1 game booth is working. Here are the beautiful Land of Lanterns.

Animals Fun-tasy

Space Fun-tasy

Pooh Fun-tasy

Mickey Fun-tasy

Jungle Fun-tasy

Underwater Fun-tasy

For the boy, it was ok for the first 20 minutes. He kept quiet when he saw those characters he likes and he pointed to us when we named it. After the first pic snap (without flash) with daddy, he started to make fuss and want us to carry and walk non-stop. He not allowed us to stop by and snap picture for the characters...I really don't know what he was up to this time.

The fencing around the lighting area

We stand aside and talk to him nicely by telling him that other kids are very good and taking picture with characters. Later, he was more ok, but still demanding for carry, fuss a little and not allow to snap pic with him. Since we can redeemed a free photo with 2 adult tickets from NZX, we choose to snap one family photo in front of the Mickey Fun-tasy. The boy was back to his fuss actually. 2 shoots let us choose, one with crying face, another with cry+hand covering face.
We choose the crying one

We continue to walk visits all other characters despite his crankiness continue. So all pic turn out with him was crying and fussing one. After around 45 minutes, we left the Fun-tasy.

Once out there, he no more fuss. Both of us actually quite mad about it. But kid, what to do...hai...While I lectured him in the car and he can understand what his crankiness is all about. He not cry when I lecturing him. He even pointing his crying face on the paid photo when I asked him.

Overall it is worth visiting, just like a small Disneyland there. Disney merchandise is available there. A sourvenir shop is inside the Lantern area and some other small stalls outside too. The admission tickets also works as a cash voucher too, you can buy things in NZX using that. Festive Fun-tasy Christmas lighting will end on 8th January 2009. Follow by the Disney CNY lighting will on till 15th February. Its open everyday from 11am - 12 midnight.


Mummy Moon said...

Wohh, very nice !!! I think I will bring YAn YAn go too.. But can't understand why Terrt was crying leh??? I bet all the kids will like this place ohhhh...

Lovely Mummy said...

i hope to go there, I saw the advertisement about this ARA Damansara in the dics. kids are like that, i wonder if my kid will cry when he sees the lighting.

Irene said...

wow. ohhhh... must go must go! damansara area? hmmm...

mommy to chumsy said...

waaah...looks really nice. i bet ashley would like it. what about the shops in the area? still have manys stalls? we been there once in the beginning of the year.

Mummy Gwen said...

I just only saw this post about NZX from one of the mummies. Thanks for sharing. Great info. Gwen would love this place very much coz all her favourite cartoon characters are there. How I wish Gwen would want us to carry her coz she never seemed to be tired. She can walk and walk the whole day at the mall.

Maybe Terry was overwhelmed with the bright lights. Kids are always unpredictable. Gwen also don't like taking photos. *sigh*

LittleLamb said...

How come Terry behaved this way? was it because he was frighten? cos most of the characters he saw on TV and not real life??

Anyway I plan to go. Hope Philip will be ok.

Happy holidays and new year to you and family.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, very nice place. I shd bring my gals there too.

huisia said...

wow wow wow, that's nice!!
i love those characters, very stunning!

Sean said...

I been there once few months ago, it was so empty... I am impressed with the changes anyway~

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Kids are like angin!! LOL

Jesslyn said...

wah, how nice to stay in KL ya, so many happening places to hang around!

Happy New Year!

sting said...

saw their advert sometime ago but never been there... it's so beautiful.. must go must go! hahaha.. poor Terry, can see he was crying hard leh... *hugs*

Mummy In Vain said...

seem like another fun place for kids. i recommend u one indoor playground which is very exciting to u. i heard that there is one like Kidz Sport in Time Square. i hope to bring my kids there soon.