Monday, December 22, 2008

Gift exchange at Dong Zhi

Every year is the same, "big" day sure will be celebrate in FIL's house. The last we were there was during Mid Autumn. FIL missed his grandson so much. Terry of cause, not always visit there, when he stepped in the house, he needs time to warm up.

Dinner was prepared by MiL, a simple dinner with glutinuous rice ball. How can we skip that on Winter Solstice. After dinner, Terry was fully warm up and he started to play with his 3 gu-gu and grandpa. He was again having little rice only and I let him ate some tang yuen too and I think he loved it, cause he go round every people and asked for it.

The same old small Christmas tree at home with the gifts, My hand drawing gift cards on the pressie. Save!

Then, we have gift exchange. I'm not sure is this fun or not. Every year, I'll prepared 5 gifts and most of the time, I only get exchange 1 back which is from SIL#1 all the time. Well, I don't mind having nothing exchange back from the rest. I'm giving out with heart, just to show them I care and love them, but of cause it is nice if there is a return (coz Christmas gift ma...). I also prepared some for close church brother and sister and ready to give them on Christmas.

Tonight, I will be carolling and party at my mum's boss house. No gift exchange there. I'm looking forward on coming Wednesday have lunch + gift exchange for the kids with Mummy Moon.


Mummy Gwen said... exchange gifts some more. So kesian, you only get 1 gift in return. The Christmas tree card you made is really nice.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas. :)

angeleyes said...

So nice.... next time we exchange lar so you'll sure to get a gift in return! ;)

vickylow said...

So nice, gift exchange during Christmas.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I love gifts exchange also. My brothers and I exchange gifts for the kids every year without fail. Merry Xmas!

Mummy Moon said...

See you tomorrow !!

Kristie said...

the xmas card u drew is really nice and simple, true, have to save money! :)