Friday, August 29, 2008

Terry at 27 months old

Very long didn't update Terry's growing progress. Reaching his big 2 also mark another great milestone for more learning and explosure on speech and expression. He has not been having a good start ahead on his 2 years old as the accident hits. Till today, everyday we still have a terrible struggle time when comes to apply oil. He will cry his lungs out with saliva and mucus all follow to come.

Every single day when I showered him, take off his cloth and saw those burns area, I so hate of myself and I still feel extremely heart-ache and sad. He only allows me to touch him and watch those areas. He not allows other ppl to check him.

A little bit update on his skin condition. The last check up (14/8) shows that the back wound is fully recover with skin, but the scar is very thick there. Doc said that he is very good luck can recover as he mention to us he needs another round of skin graft on the wound. Now the check up appointment is 1 month apart and not weekly. Those red parts are turning into white bit by bit. Deep red area are still in red.

Every night before he sleep or even nap, he will like to put his hand at the back to scratch or pull down the pressure sock on his arm to scratch. If I move his hand away, he will hold my hand and put on the part where he wants me to scratch with assigned pattern and strength he wants. Of cause it is better I help him to scratch. I will scratch softly on him rather than he scratch it hard. If I refuse to do that, he will cry and kick. He did have oval medicine for itchy, but I don't think it works on him. It more like a habit for him to scratch for 5-10 minutes before sleep. Or may be he is really itchy due to the skin tearing. No other itchy cream for him other than the wound cream. All we do now is to apply olive oil. During the daytime he won't scratch, just when sleep and nap. At night, I will put on booties on his both hand (mitten too small), so that he won't scratch it hard and file his nail very often.

Arm will still need to wear a pressure sock for a period of 6 months or more.

Doc advise not go under sun yet.

He is now a talkative boy, but still in his baby world language. He can express it in very long like he has lots to tell at one go with hand action somemore. But, we don't understand what he trying to say, and all we do is respond with a Yes or OK to him...He can repeat lots of words after me. Whatever I want him to say/ read and he can't pronounce or say it accurate, he will say in his own words/ sounds. Sometime I really laugh at funny. He speaks contenese, mandrin and English. Some example:-

Television (TV) - Vee
Oval - Ha-wu
Octogan - Jer-gen
Train - Phane
Car - Tar
Jet - Jek
Taxi - Hat-xi
Truck - Thuckh
Butterfly - Bar-five
放 (fàng) - Ham

His name (Terry Pang Chee Hing):
Terry - Hel-leh
Pang - Pam
Hing - Hin
Mandrin can pronounce accurately.

Some words that he can say accurately and clear like Bye-see you, Where, More, Wet, Sun, Moon, Bike, Boat, Outside, Inside, 要 (yào), 还有 (háiyǒu) and some others more..For alphabet he is missing G, H, I, J, M, S, W and X. Officially can address me Mummy at 26 months old. Sometime he mix up, he go call popo as mummy.

First word in the morning, once his eye open, he will say "nen-nen".

Eating pattern and habits
Officially on rice soup, but still continue on porridge mainly on vege porridge as he has hard time chewing greens once he saw that in pieces, he will shake his head. Every week, I will prepare minced meat ball (Pork+chic, pork+fish or Chic+fish) and fish fillet. It is more easier for him to eat and I cook. On a bowl count, porridge he will eat 10 tablespoons and rice 5 table spoons with dishes. He will drink more soup which the soup have rich taste (cantonese say "sweet", which means with lots of ingredients) and the soup is cook long enough ("lou for thong").

Love bake beans and pearl pod peas very much, want it on every spoon feed.

Stop having prawns, eggs and dark soya sauces cooked food due to his skin condition.

He insists want a bowl when eating biscuit even it is 1 small piece.

Eat bread by finish the roasted side first, then pick the raisin and lastly eat the whites.

Nap 1 time for 1.5-2 hours. Poo-ed 2 times a day.

At night, normally stick to daddy. Sometimes I will try to sleep early, but daddy just can't settle him.

Whenever I'm using the lappy, he will come to me and say "phane, phane". He wants to watch Thomas videos.

Terry is now all back to his ownself and he can walk faster than me.


huisia said...

Happy 27 months old!
May God watch over you..

Mummy to QiQi said...

nice to see Terry is recovering well. hey soon going to be 3 wor...!

Mummy Gwen said...

His speeches is quite good already. My girl also baby talk alot..haha..It's good Terry is eating well and recovering well. Take care of yrself too.

Sasha said...

glad that he's recovering well. He's like J, baby talk too. :)

Malaika's mummy said...

poo-ed twice a day?? very good wo. My girl, every alternate day lah, I am already very happy.

Happy 27 months old.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I hope that your handsome Terry will recover fast and that his scars will one day fully heal.

Y-ling said...

Happy to hear that Terry is on her way to recovering. I can imagine how upset you feel to see him suffer when he should be enjoying like every little boy should.

But don't worry, it's only a transitional period. He'll grow up to be a stronger child. Can see in his good rate of development!

Have a wonderful evening! (hopefully he doesn't scratch from today!) :-)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

happy 27 month old Terry. glad to know that he is recovering well :D

sue said...

Happy 27 Months!

Glad that he doesnt need more skin graft... Do not blame yourself, as you also didnt want this to happen. With regards to the wound being unsightly, dont worry too as nowadays the medical and surgery world is very advanced...

KittyCat said...

Ooh...he's starting to talk already :)

Yeah, just keep on responding and repeat what he says. He may even be watching your lips as you pronounce. Soon, he'll be saying full words, making sentences and talking non-stop!

Read, read and read to him. That Elmo book is really good...

He's a Thomas fan too eh? Lucas is the No. 1 fan.

Serene said...

Happy to hear Terry is recoveing good!
Happy 27th months!

Bryan's Mama said...

Wow you had to go for weekly checkup? Great to hear that everything is going well. I like the part where Terry can walk faster than you! hahaha

etceteramommy said...

Terry is doing extremely well considering what he had gone through.

Is there any medication can make the spots less itchy?

Happy 27 months Terry!

Lovely Mummy said...

glad that he recover sure the scar will get off one day...cheers