Saturday, August 02, 2008

Photo Hunters: Cloud(s)

It has been 2 months ago since the last I joined the hunt theme. The past 2 months time was the hardest moments in my life and I yet to fade out of those bad memories. Well, don't think it is easy to forget bad things.

Those bad days many things ran in my mind that sometimes really so bothering me and makes me so worried. Everyday open up the windows, it is another day of busy life, everything around is moving fast, but only cloud(s) are the one moving slow. Sometimes I like watching clouds. It can be a quick and good remedy to calm down ourselve.

Here are some of my collections on clouds. The best place to watch cloud is actually on plane...the whole big wide of cloud sea, I feel that we are just so tiny among them.


Taken at a beach side restaurant in Terengganu

Indoor cloud at Venetian Hotel, Macau. It is sooo real!


Greyscale Territory said...

These clouds are like an enchanting fantasy land! Just beautiful!

Hootin' Anni said...

I especially like the clouds from above, looking down on them from the plane!!!

My 'colored clouds' are posted. A bit different in the 'take of the theme' this week. Come by, join me, if you can find time!! Happy weekend.

Pato N Pearl said...

i've always love to see the clouds up above in the plane. They looks so soft and look like fluffy floating pillows... ;)

Pearl - have a good weekend

Carver said...

Those are all wonderful shots. The plane shots make me want to walk on clouds. Gorgeous. I'm so sorry to read about your son's accident but glad he is recovering well. I hope that he will be fully recovered soon. There is nothing harder than seeing our children hurt but sometimes accidents do happen and I'm just glad your child is doing better.

Napaboaniya said...

You're right that no other place better than from the aircraft to capture those clouds.
The ceiling clouds at the Venetian Hotel does look pretty real :)

Heather B. said...

I just love the shots from the plane!

Nita said...

Beautiful shot! Have a great weekend!


jmb said...

For some reason I cannot see your photos, just little empty boxes. I wonder if they have disappeared as the others could see them obviously. I tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer but neither worked.
Thanks for visiting mine and have a good weekend.

Sean said...

Don't worry, everything gonna be fine.
Great shot ya, especially shot from plane above the cloud~

vickylow said...

Nice photos, thanks for sharing.

jmb said...

Yes all fine now, I thought I should let you know, as sometimes they do disappear and you have to reload them. Have a good week.