Saturday, August 09, 2008

2X2 Meme

Tag time, long time not doing already. This was pass down from the pretty hot preggie mama =)

Two names you go by
1. Judy
2. Meng

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Short pant
2. Casual top

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Catch a good afternoon nap
2. Go shopping

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. Watch the Olympic opening ceremony Beijing 2008
2. Make milk for Terry

Two things you ate today
1. Yam cake
2. Fried Mee

Two people you just spoke with
1. Terry
2. My mama

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Eat
2. Sleep....

Two longest car rides
1. To Kelantan
2. To Langkawi

Two favourite beverages
1. Chocolate milk
2. Vitagen

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this meme:
1. Amidrin
2. Mummy Gwen
3. Vivian, Sze & Noami


YANZ said...

hey, juz passing by n realized we have similar header title =D

hav a great day! =D

Mummy Gwen said...

thanks for the tag. very good ah, i tagged u, u tagged me back...:p

will complete the tag later tonight.

Amidrin said...

Thanks alot for the tag. I've done it at my blog now =)

Vivianz said...

done here.... :P

sting said...

nap and shopping... same here! :-)