Friday, August 08, 2008

All 8s day

Remember more than a year ago I was answered this special tag talking about what I'm expecting happen on 08.08.08.

Well I should say it did realise and it is exactly happen like I wrote. It is just that simple with a wish to have something special to happen. Overall at home nothing special, but today the whole world is putting the eyes on Beijing Olympic Games.
China choose to have this game on this auspicious day and at auspicious hour to official announce the grand opening. I keep telling myself prepare for the night earlier and get ready to watch the spectacular ceremony from TV on time. But, end up I holding my dinner plate in front of the TV.
So this is what happen at home. Morning wake up as usual, after settle down the small one then busy did some washing at kitchen while my mum prepare to roll the dough to do "Min Fan Kueh". Thats our lunch of the day.

Half way watching my mum doing it, I went online check mail, settle some ebay stuff and blog-hop plus chasing and playing with Terry (multi-tasking). Feed the little one mee suah, then our turn for lunch. Clean up everything, put Terry to sleep then back to the line and source for some business contact. On the phone call with my friend - Moon discuss about our plan in setting up a small business. Continue to source after the phone call ended till around evening. Start to clean up the house and go down to the park for a short walk with Terry.

Shower time and dinner time then stick on TV for the opening ceremony. It was a great and grand opening ever saw with huge number of performers combined with many hi-tech equipment use and firework plays a few KM away from the Bird Nest stadium. Received a good news from SMS. My friend giving birth to a baby girl. Congrats Shirley Lim. Couldn't stay longer to watch till all the country matching ended and the Olympic flame lit up in the stadium. Make milk for the boy and put him to sleep.

That's how I spend my simple day on 8th of August 2008 at home.


Mummy Gwen said...

Your 08.08.08 day turned out great what...hehe..

sue said...

Wah so you have a friend who gave birth on 8.8.08 la :D

Serene said...

Ya, a simple day yet special!
I likes the fireworks so much!