Monday, November 06, 2006

The youngest and the oldest

New member arrived. This is my elderest-cousin-bro's first baby Kieran Chow. The youngest in the Chow family. Born on mooncake day ago with light birth weight. We had dinner on Sunday night at Restaurant Summer Palace, PJ. My uncle invited many relatives and friends from both of their family. Baby slept tightly thru out the night, although over the partition there were loud hoo-haa going on...our baby Terry slept for a while then wake up cry angrily when dinner about to finish.

In the Sunday morning, back to Brandon's Seremban hometown for Terry great-grandfather's birthday. This is the very first time Terry met him. He is 98 yrs old...still can talk n walk, but body very weak. Before baby Terry was here, we intend want him to fix the middle chinese name for us, but he said he just couldn't think of it and he is very blur, sometime can't even recognise his close family ppl. His days depends very much on cigarette n alcohol drink (stout, herbal alcoholic essense..etc), he ate very very less. Terry was his first great-grandson, also the first new Pang's generation.

Stay there for half a day, having lunch n early dinner, under the hot roof and not-so-clean environment (a lot of flies everywhere and ants on the floor). This old home still using well water. I just can't put down Terry at anywhere. Luckily can he slept in the sarung for 2 hours and no big shout n cry under the hot house...when he awakes I carry him throughout the day. huh~~~ very tired man...

Thats our busy family day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Judy! I used to have the same experience like u too when I went back to my hub's hometown in Ipoh and we went to visit his late grandma place. Maybe is because we used to stay at the clean enviroment and we will feel very itchy when we see people place especially those old wooden house. I can see that the kids which staying there are enjoying themselves.