Tuesday, November 28, 2006

With blogger

Just change this blogger to Blogger*beta, many direct linkage were added in Dashboard and Posting tab and it looks more easy to used now. With new posting now can add in labels, other than that is just about the same like old one.

I'm going to do something with blogging, since I read many mommy out there is earning from blogging and writing post, I wan to earn too!!!. A few blogger mum are doing so and after reading their post about how to earn an how much they have earn, it is really heat up my mind to have it...hehe..after all who dun wan money fall in which do not need much effort to work on it?

5Xmom is the current one I read about, who can earn much from blogging and shoppingmum is just started and I can see she is doing well with her Pay Per Post.

I just sign up with Google AdSense and the application is currently in review. Once approved to join AdSense, will than only be able to log in and get started. AdSense will issue pay once your earning is up to USD100 each month, as if the month is not up to US100 the money from each month will accumulate up to the amount or more and they will issue the pay check by then. I still learning on it more and understand about how this work on more pay.

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