Thursday, November 09, 2006

Child safety phone

This phone design is simply amazing, whereby if u are so border of getting what model of mobile for your kids, yet want to stay connect with them, this model is just simply speak what u wan for them. Read the advertisement from my regular MommyBaby magazine...I just 'wow' when I saw this and wanted to share out here. Have read more about this phone from
I-Care. The I-Care mobile phone is a kids device that designed without display screen for peace of mind, simple to use, come with four quick dial phone numbers, children can call mummy, daddy, aunty or any other phone numbers preset in the phone, SOS speed dial, remote activaties monitoring, very low SAR, Toxic-Free exterior, unique and sweet product design. This phone is more suitable for kids from 3-12 yrs old.

Kids above 12 may think this is too childish for them, why not
S-Series, also having almost the similiar function. Cool huh, just like a thumb drive.

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