Tuesday, November 14, 2006

5 months old

Weight: 7.8kg+

Started on solid since 5 mths 1 week old...currently adapt quite well with rice cereal and mash-potato. For rice cereal I'm giving him Nestlé plain rice cereal powder add on own milk powder. For mash-potato sometimes served with milk, sometime served with vegetable (yin choi). Currently he having 1 time solid food in the noon and drink 3 times milk (morning, evening, before sleep) with 5 oz each time. When feeding I put him sit on the rocking chair (baby carrier)..he will sit quietly and let me finish feeding him in 20-25 mins. Since having solid he poo-ed 2 times a day. Giving him a lot of plain water (about 6-7 oz a day) as I afraid he get hot with the food. Sleep quite less now, every nap last about 2 hours only. He growth 2 small teeth now.

He loves to bite the teether fish. Can fully turn on left and right very well. Once put him on the flat mattress he can turn non-stop and kick non-stop...if having things around him like gym set or pillow bolster he can just simply mess up.... One thing good is he will sit quietly on my lap when I hold his finger to cut finger nail, he won't move around or grab my small scissors, but when I read he will grab my book/ magazine. His feet can reach his mouth now and sometimes do lick his toes...Likes to pull my hair and my spec when I go near his face. See when I got new specs ya..hehe...when he gentle he will touch my cheek softly...his hair is getting long again, will bring him to trim up one day....Next week he turns 6 months old...times flies...I just feel like time passed very fast taking care of him...

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Baby Darren said...

hi..stumble upon your blog and realised that my baby is just 3 days younger than yours and I am a SAHM too.. guess we have many things in common. Maybe we can keep in touch more frequent to share our ups and downs in taking care of bb and being a "wong min poh"..haha