Friday, February 03, 2006

My first married CNY

Since last Friday, our office hav shut down and off for 1 week. Today Friday, as follow government working day, we hav start to work, but the traffic outside still in d holiday mood.

For myself, since start working, the mood for CNY not much b fulfilled, not because this year start I wan to giv out ang pao, the feel in my heart become more n more faded each year. CNY is not much of CNY, just wan to hav more rest and go for holiday. I think is the best. Recall back my most enjoyable time for CNY is during my childhood time…whereby firecracker is still allowed, nice dishes serve at home, and all peers’ cousins around, playing cards, of coz not forget those ang pao. Childhood CNY is sleepless and simply fun!

Summaries what I hav done on this hot hot CNY.

Final light cleaning at home and final shopping for those left-out CNY item. Pack up those CNY gift which we wan to send out to our relative and arrange the food at the dining table and watch TV.

Before noon, back to Seremban (his grandpa’s house), the traffic went slow beginning from Nilai. The initial plan was visit his aunty first before back to his grandpa there, but dunno what happen to him, he forget the place of his aunty. He tried to recall by rounding the Seremban town. We passed by major Seremban shopping malls, railway and bus terminal and many other shops and roads, he also can’t recall where is it about. I was a bit impatient and start to get angry, as the hot weather, stuck in jam and slow moving at the town. I suggested him to call up FIL and ask for direction, but he still keep on to find out. So at last spend 1 hour+ at the town, cannot find the place, he give up finally. Continue the journey, back to the highway and exit at the next highway exit point and back to his grandpa house at noon. We can’t wait to take the lunch first before my FIL and sis back. Very hungry.

Aft lunch was the most “torturing” moment. The day was very very hot and with only ceiling fan at the dining area and the speed is slow even turn to max. I really beh tahan, even stay under the fan also no cure. I keep on walking n fanning to cool down myself, as u know pregnant women was very easy to get hot. I dunno how to pass the other 4 hours+ there. So no eye see, I sit at the sofa without fan and sleep for 15 min. My neck n back all wet with sweat.

Finally the reunion dinner was start and aft we finish around 7pm+, giv ang pao to the small one and we leave the house and back to home sweet home around 8pm and brought home Mc.Donald’s set, I’m hungry again! Aft cold water bath and stomach full that’s what I call comfortable!

29-Jan – First day of CNY
Early morning back to FIL’s house visit, greet, served tea and giv ang pao to the sis. At noon back to my uncle house to visit each other. One year didn’t see my father’s side nephews, niece and cousins after married. Of coz many of them also first time seeing me after married. The feeling of missing so deep….very happy to see everyone once again. Baby Jovan 7th months now…also first time seeing him and of coz the lady’s topics are not away from pregnancy n children. Wah…suddently feel very different now…everyone was so concern about what I’m having and taught me a lot in feeding baby. My niece Lyly was so cute enough, coz she is the only girl among the nephews, she got no girl to play with during family gathering..all boys only…she was so hope that I’m having a baby girl to be her younger sis. I can see her face a bit disappointed. When she try to touch my tummy…Ahh…sorry dearie…girl this one is a boy again…

Gathering section end around 5pm and again we back to my FIL house for dinner. That’s how I pass my first day.

Mom and bro back to Ipoh. We not following, as this is the first year I got to follow husband side now. Of coz again I miss the relatives, nephews, nieces and cousins there. This day we didn’t go to any relative house. I visited 2 of my frens. 1 pregnant, another one baby just arrived. Again, the topic is around.

Visit his side of uncle and aunty from morning till evening. At night dinner with my uncle.

My own secondary mate came to my house. Mum and bro back to KL, visited me and chit-chat for another half day.

Brandon’s primary and secondary mate came visiting. Mum, bro and one of my aunty also came visiting. Wow.. this day so happening. Many ppl in the house, came batch by batch. Half way coz too pack, my family member go back first. Aft they went back I got a bit time to take a nap. Left Brandon with his mate about 10 of them playing mahjong, watching TV, drinking n eating. At night about 20 of us went to dinner n Lou Sang at Cheras.

So during this CNY week, sleep early n wake up late and also I’m not having good rest, cause my back ache and having some skin rashes at the back too. Dunno how now, the skin problem cannot b cure even I try to apply some cream recommend by pharmacist. But, luckily wit my aunty recommended ‘powerful’ liquid apply on it, it can see some recovering result. I haven’t seek my gynea advise. At this stage I can’t take any swollen, especially back ache, really ruin my day.

Today wake up early also, need to work, can’t really sleep….a bit head ache in the morning…tonight my secondary mate visiting. Especially Agnes, really miss her as our meeting day is keep on postponed. Coming weekend, my primary mate is planning to visit our teacher, hopefully I can go along coz also long time not seeing them.

:: CNY = Gathering

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