Tuesday, February 07, 2006

These days

Chor 7 - 4 Feb
Agnes, my best fren in secondary sch came to visit me at about 11.30pm. yeah we hav postponed to met till this day, coz both of us also busy with family n frens…Although I’m very very tired, but I still wait for her to come, coz I really didn’t c her for almost 1 year, as the next day she will b back to SG. Miss her n her baby girl…finally got to see her. So cute of Jane, like to smile n make funny faces. No shy at new environment at all.

Chor 8 – 5 Feb
Sunday as usual went to church, many member hav return back. Giv out some ang pao too. This year even my baby inside hav received a few. Really can feel their love bring to him. Lunch wit FIL and relative at KL then continue CNY visit to my God sis house. So glad finally can see my both cute nephew and niece. Definitely they grow up a lot and like to talk n sing now…looking at children grow up really so happy. Very tiring day, out the house from morning till evening. Didn’t hav any heavy dinner, back home rest early.

During tis CNY I hav heard lots of pregnancy n delivery stories from aunty and cousin sis. I tell u I can feel the pain now n it very scared also. Now I can realize how come being a mother is so scarifies and great. As we always said child is the blood n flesh of mum. Every though n move, mums will more realize and understand than daddy.

Yesterday, stay at home, as hav call the washing machine technician to repair the machine. Because of using softener, it cause my top load machine hav heavy black stain coming out n stick to the cloth when it wash. Really so terrible n troublesome every time aft the clothes washed n saw those stains. The technician told me that normally top load mac will having this problem. Gosh! My machine used for 1 year and with 4 bottles of softener, it cause that thick stains. He explain to me that is because we fill in the softener into the softener container since beginning of washing n yet softener only be used at the end of the washing, so when in the middle of washing, spinning and rinsing, the softener can be easily spin away and it goes stick to another layer of the tong inside. So when we used it for long it stick more n later it become stain. Believe me it is real thick stain and it takes 2 hours to clean the tong. So his advice was if u wan to use softener, DO NOT put softener into the container, put it in directly to the water when it come to last round of rinsing. It greatly reduce the softener being spin away n caused stain aft sometimes. He added that front load mac also having the same problem aft sometimes, but not as fast it happen to top load mac. Thru his experience, for front load machine brand Electrolux is good and for top load mac continental brand is good.

Today, everything back to normal…work, work work!..hav a nice work day to u…Holiday is over!!!

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