Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bolt from the blue

3 months ago, Brandon SMS registered himself at VMag magazine (from Astro) as a reader to get latest info thru SMS. Out of his awareness and expection, no contest, no slogan, no competition, no SMS comfirmation, last week a marketing gal call him up and told that he won a 3 days 2 nights stay at Teluk Dalam Resort, Pangkor for 2 persons. We was puzzling and thought it was a fake surprise or prize or something need to pay in order to get it...since there is no free lunch under the sun. Consider this time lucky enough la..

So the gal ask him to collect it at the office. And before we actually meet her to collect, for safety we found out the office first to make sure it is a real thing. And yes, after we found out that it is VMag publication office and company name board written 'Astro'. So, yesterday we called again to inform that we are going to collect in the evening. And now, the voucher for staying is wit us now...and expired in May 31st...hai...of coz I'm not the next person who can go along...now till 31st May I got to stay on n take good care of d baby as he'll arrive soon.
Month of February and March is those remarkable day to us. In our past, we hav go through 3 paktoh anniversary and yesterday (27/2) was our 1st married anniversary. And coming Friday (3/3) is our ROM anniversary and also Brandon’s birthday. Guy particularly not so remember it, but for me I can remember every of this significant day. We not purposely celebrated those important days....but to recall what we hav done n growth in these year and plan what we do in our future. Well, say not to celebrate but I hope we can hav a small yet meaningful celebration on coming 1st ROM anniversary and Brandon birthday...I still thinking what to giv him...

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Stanley said...

Can I have the voucher? LOLz. :P