Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Corner of CNY

Last weekend, went to 1 U New Wing for the Ogawa SMS & Win lucky draw contest. We not being choose. This contest at the end only pick 5 ppl, which those ppl mobile number were randomly pick from computer. Then, from 5 of them one of them will hav the key and drive away the new Honda City. Before this event start, we were there early to avoid no parking n pack…unexpectedly since last Saturday is the last week before CNY, damn lot of ppl and cars…before lucky draw starts we also there to watch the acrobatic show from China. A lot of ppl pack at the Concourse area of New Wing. This area hav been set up as a “shi he yuan” design. Ok need to talk about the 5 ppl who picked to get the car, 2 mid-age ladies who sit next to me during the acrobatic show they lucky enough to b choose…aiyah..why not me…the luck goes to them already…This day also my collegemate plan to hav gathering, coz 2 of our fren back from oversea…actually I so wan to go…but due to the venue I didn’t make it.

Coming weekend will b our CNY. Since beginning of the month, we started clean the house lil by lil and buy the CNY things like drinks, snacks and food. Mainly are as gift to relative. This year is our first cny and being a married couple, first year hav to giv double ang pau…so we hav prepared 200 pcs of ang pau to those relative who not married….also plan to visit 3 of my frens…hope I can make it.

Since last week, everyday I feel my tummy tremendously grow bigger. Makes me a bit uncomfortable too. And the nerve at the right lower back also start feel pain when walk. Body sweating a lot even in aircon room and always feel hot..

Yesterday went back to Puchong for reunion dinner. Yeah this time make it kinda early coz tomorrow my dad will b going to China Huang Shan and Shanghai for holiday with my aunty n family for 11 days. So this year the atmosphere at 1st of cny will b a bit quiet. We got to visit my mum again during 1st of cny and probably only aft cny only b able to see her again….this round of cny surely I miss all my Ipoh relatives and cute nephews and nieces, anyway even I’m not personally there, but ang pau sure will reach them.

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