Saturday, January 21, 2006

What I'm having...

Every month, looking for the * day I marked down, whereby I’ll go for my check-up also the day I waiting for to see how my little one grows. Beside I hav many question to ask about the early symptom I’m facing now, the next question was is this a baby boy or girl. We check it out, it is a BOY BOY. To double comfirm I even ask doc to show me clearly the “part”. This time his leg is open big big like he is ready to tell his papa mama…haha…Brandon so happy when know about it, that is the baby boy he longing for. Check through every part of his body…everything is fine, head measurement 5cm, no crack lips, round round face, can clearly see his chubby cheek too, heart shape ok, no hole-in-heart, hand n legs are looking long…I think he is a bit skinny la…dunno whether is it both our thin and skinny genetic. That’s why I dun feel my tummy is big for now…anyway hav started to wear maternity dress, tummy are feel more comfortable.

I hav put a baby ticker at the top of the blog…counting down the due date. Now can clearly feel everyday he is growing fast, n that’s make me always feel hungry and wan to eat more.

My ex-colleague introduced me to a maternity wear shop where they cater for young pregnant women at Sg. Wang 1st floor V-KY (same row as Parkson entrance). Last week I went there to bought my CNY wear…when I saw it I love it very much, coz that is what I wan to look for all this while which I can’t find at all leading departmental store n maternity shop. The dress there are young look, trendy n fashionable. I was so happy, spend 1 ½ hours there to try…and finally bought 2 full dresses and 1 set of top n pant. Later shop for new shoes too. Very satisfied of it. Maternity wear I found outside it is too big for me, as my shoulder is small size n overall figure is skinny. And, maternity dresses are all free size, normally quite big one..only partly top / pant there are sizes. At V-KY I found what I wan and I did recommend to my pregnant frens too. There is another new branch just open at SS2 same row with McDonald’s. Thanks to sis Esther, she voluntary borrow me some of her maternity dress…at the moment of some of those small sizes can wear…

Aft CNY, I got to plan to shop for baby bed, baby clothes and all other necessary baby product. Just check out the price to deliver baby at Pantai Hospital. Normal birth RM 2500-3000, inclusive of 1 day stay at hospital, either before or aft, extra charge for additional day. Caesarean RM 5000+ and hospital stay are same. The injection to lesser down the deliver pain cost RM1000-1200. This not include in the delivery fee. My first expression in heart was, ahh…so so expensive to hav a baby. If add the confinement women (market price now RM2500-3000 plus to giv an additional ang pau about RM100 upon complete for the confinement month. During CNY even double charge), massage lady, supplement..etc….!!!! Think until here I sweat already…so to have a baby u need at least RM10,000. And the list goes infinity. Now pregnant also got package, but this only available to clinic outside.

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