Monday, January 09, 2006

The moment

Another year have past, last year have been experience many status of life and it is an important year for me to start to b more independent. From single to married and soon mother to be. Been to some places, see a lot of things, learning different things in different status. It just pass in a blink. Life is still a learning.

Today only got time to blog. What hav happen to my New Year. Since the last day of 2005 I hav been very busy, mainly becoz company hav change to SDN. BHD. Many things hav to tidy up and many recording work n paper work need to do. New system to cater the new company, now can say everything have be computerized. As you know how detail a private limited company doc to be. Everything hav to b prove n wit black and white. Now still doing the stock balance of last year..many more to go. System wise some accounting modules are yet to b updated n change to suit our needs. But overall it not distracting the running of daily transaction. All of us still need time to used to the system.

New Year holiday and eve to me is nothing now, as usual many places play firework, I just watch the fireworks thru my window and not join the crowd…haha..old already, do not hav the mood to b in the crowd. So since holiday is time to tidy up the hut again, especially our store room, now looks more tidy with space. And, CNY is coming, is also a time to clean and wash others too. As a simple celebration and relax for the holiday, we been to buffet lunch at Boulevard Hotel (again..). Food ok ok only, we spend 3 hrs there, eat, chit-chat and slow eat n enjoy. Coincidently met my 3rd uncle n aunty, they were there to celebrate of their winning in dancing competition with others dancer. We chit-chat for a while.

Now everybody saw me also ask about my baby and the eye contact will automatically goes to my belly first. Ok la…is still fine, not so big…measured 31.5 inches (the belly line) only and it is 5 months now. Consider small la..not wearing any maternity wear yet..most of the time wearing my stretcherable pant or gym pant and bigger T…I hav been eating a lot lately, gain 2 kg, belly skin start itchy and slightly can feel the baby is moving. Quite happy about it. Now I start talking to him. Sometime also dunno what to talk to him, I wan to buy some story book and read to him. According to the baby edu book I read, bb who 5 months above he can recognize mum’s body smell n voice outside. And he do can feel all his mum expression happy, sad, angry, cry..etc..of coz bad emotion can cause baby feel bad too..

Happy that to know that my best fren is having bb now. Now I can share with her my experience, and giv her some advice. Hope she is fine in her 1st trimester. While I reading those baby book n mag about those hours before delivery, I started get afraid of it. Hope I can slowly b more prepared myself. Another 4 months+ to go only. …

Body start to hav more changes and I got to check out the reason and seek advise…u see this 280 days everyday is learning day to me. Currently I found slow walk is very comfortable to me. Ever since he comes I’m not exercising my body. Hopefully from now on everyday I can hav time to b in the park to take in fresh air, relax myself and most important rest early. Everything I do now is for the benefits of the baby. Just do my best to giv him the best before he come to the world.

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