Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Not a happy day...unfair!

Today during meeting really damn... s*** ...Kelly pass me a new project which having the same dateline with my another on hand project, I direct reject to accept the project. She want to pass to me is becoz I did it before and know that it is an easy project, and she think that I can handle they pass it to me this time..and keep on saying very easy only...but the thing is I can't handle 2 project at the same dateline..which the on hand project will need time to come? why me?? whereas those other don't have project at the month of Oct. yet she dun wan to pass to them..eventhough is an easy one..still pass to me which having same dateline...u said la I geram or not...really not in mood after the last those "volunteer" who dun hav job in line taken this project...therefore this have shows that I already become is not volunteer to take job..and the glory of volunteer goes to those who volunteer...I know what will happen during the end year appraisal.

During lunch I dated my both supervisor for lunch and this time we really share out our frustration all the year happen to them. At last I realised how pity are them always having hard hard project and staying up late.

Since become Exec. I see a lot of thing in my dept. and the boss and ast. manager attitude ...well I still can stand on and watch what other way they treat those they not being "sayang" (treated well) ..coz I'm in that not treated well team.

Rainy day...tonite...and suppose having cell group gather at my house end up have cancelled...coz all of us having "candlelight" dinner...electricity breakdown for 6 hours...well..dun care la..I rest early...

**feeling better now

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