Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Doubutsu Uranai

You are Red Panther

Who has pure and gentle atmosphere.
You tend to give a vulnerable impression, and have a fairy like mischievousness.
You can be temperamental and little bit selfish.
You may be unable to find the objective of your life, and may take a long way round in finding it.
Your attraction is the way in which you do not deceive your heart, and act accordingly to your feeling.
If you try to handle many things at once, you will break up that energy, and therefore, you should stick to doing one thing at a time.
If you can control yourself, then doing something adventurous is not a problem.
You are passionate person.
You have very high ideals, and this make you not see the reality.
You tend to become a dreamy sort of person.
You dislike being restricted, and try to carry out your life with natural sense of your own instinct, that including your likes and dislikes.
You possess strong beliefs, and are very intelligent and hard working person.
But when you lose interest, everything stops half way through, and nothing is accomplished.
You should make yourself clear between ideals and reality.
You are too smart enough to be satisfied with ordinary housework.
You prefer to lead life free of responsibility.
Nevertheless you will be obsessed with your children's education.

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