Sunday, September 26, 2004


Since start to writing this blog, everyday won't miss it...I'm sure to find some significant event to blog it down here...although sometime it sounds like not so "big" or important, but I still would like it to mark it down...just like my diary...2 days ago I do research again on how to add more features..see I creating some here...adding more now..
No blog yesterday hor...hai..yalor...don't know what happen when connect to Internet after 5 min a message will pop-up saying that Windows will shut down and restart from 1 minute time, and a timer display the minutes countdown, thats why can't online yesterday and write blog :(
Problem and error detect it today and don't know what happen..well just got it format and re-install the ok already. Thanks dear...hope it won't happen again la..
Cough feel better now, medicine just finish but still got little bit cough...

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