Saturday, July 19, 2008

So unlucky, met a bad seller

All the while my online shopping is smooth sailing, I paid for what I bought and successfully got them delivery to me. 2 months ago, I met an irresponsible and fraud seller from eBay. The item I bid was a Coach Ring Key Chain for USD17. The process of bidding and payment is smooth and later she even confirm me the item will ship out the next day and probably I will get it within 15 days depends on location. Knowing that this seller is from Malaysia too, I foresee the item can reach me the latest within a week time. But after wait and wait, it not reach me. I began to bug her with few times email and ask about the item status. You know what, after past 3 weeks time, she replied one of my emails and asked me again my mailing address which I have given her more than 2 times upon payment made. That was so ridiculous. That was the only time she replied after I wrote many times.

I have actually checked with some other of her customers, they all also have to wait long like 1 month plus to get the item. With those customers also facing the same problem, I comfort myself that maybe I also need to wait such long time too. After waiting more than 1 month time, so bad that this seller cabut, no longer an eBay registered member. That's it, I can't contact her and money spends but not gets the item, but still a hope to get her to refund as she breaking her promise on the item sent.

Without wait any longer, I report this as item not received through eBay and hopefully can get a respond from this seller after I open dispute and claims with Paypal. Up to today, I still not hear a single word from her. If she choose not to communicate for this case, I may escalate this dispute to a claim with PayPal and let them to decide it.

Finger cross I can get back my money.


bokjae said...

So sorry to her of your bad experience! Hey drop by and see what I gossiped about you!!!!

etceteramommy said...

Wah.. really teruk. I thought eBay has some authentication mode to ensure no fraudsters?