Monday, November 03, 2014

Tiamo 1 Day Private Shopping

It has been sometimes I didn't joined warehouse sales crowd as most of the time I back with empty-hand. Last month, when I first saw the invitation of Tiamo Private Sales on fb, I told myself I must make it this time. I have been longing a pair of comfy Tiamo shoe, every time I walked in and tried, either the price or some design pull me back. Without further consideration, I registered myself and join the sales happen at Mid Valley on 25/10/2014, Saturday.

I reached there early before the mall open, for the first 100th in queue with registered name will get goodies bag worth RM200. When I reached the shop, there were many ppl queuing already. At the registration counter, we got the goodies bag number (to be redeem upon leaving, I was in the queue of #46), some vouchers and new member registration form. By the time past 10am, the crowd started to build up, I was tagging along my boy and entertain with ipad. Many nice shoe design, mixture or new and old design with 30%-40% discount and best buy too. I was busy trying and grabbing my type of shoe then pass it to the staff to ask for size. Luckily out of 3 pairs I choose, there was a pair having my size. Other than shoes, I also grab a handbag and wristlet (with purchase of any item, get wristlet at RM50 each). By the time want to check-out, again the queue is piling up. What to do, every girl wants a good thing and good sales, so got to be patient. With what I love and grabbed in hand, I don't mind to wait. Spending a good 1.5 hours inside the shop and brought back 3 of my favorite stuff. Here are my loots and the goodies bag ;)

My first pair of Tiamo

Petal color tote bag consists of Elianto Shower Gel and a set of facial care

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