Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stop The Spread Of Cancer With This Miracle Drink

Cancer sickness is one of the biggest killer to human. We have try to limit ourselves to artificial food, eat organic food, eat naturally, eat raw food, eat tonic food and etc to maintain a good healthy body cell. Nowadays cancer hits in all ages for ppl, even kids as young as 3 yrs old. It was so sad that the majority of the dead one, the life was took away by Cancer. Before anything happen, let us always tell ourselves to live good and love our body. Yesterday I came across this article "Stop The Spread Of Cancer With This Miracle Drink".

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I have slowly started to make fresh fruit juice lately, but still not sufficient enough on the daily intake portion *lazy bugs biting me everywhere*, I will try my best to have it 2-3 times a week or more. Yesterday night, I just make this Miracle Drink. The ingredients are simple -

1 apple, 1 beet root1 carrot and 1 lemon

Start to stay healthy now! 

Besides control on food intake, exercise is also very important. I have been stop jogging and exercise sometimes ago..I hope I will pick it up again soon, soon, soon ..

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