Friday, November 07, 2014

Blog Template & Header Change

Since the powerful and convenience of Social Network, we hardly update our blog nowadays, yes this including myself, all the times already allocate to Social Network, as sharing status and photos are much more faster and easier there, and the reader gets your update is almost the same like reading blog. I still have a passion to keep up my blog, I don't want to abundant my effort of starting this blog since Sept, 2004.

The idea of having a very nice blog template and blog header is what I always want. But my skill is so limited in design it myself. Thus, stick back to what Blogger offers is easy, simple and nice (no head cracking moments).

What you are reading now is Ethereal template get from Blogger Template Designer, Background Image selected from the Abstract image and finally the new and fresh Header Image I just added in, it does match my taste and feel for the template, real so in love the vintage look now. (The header image credits goes to VintageMadeForYou)

After the header image added in, I found that the original Blog Title appeared to be too high up on the left top corner (the red box), just like this show here -
It looks not so right, so I went figure out how to move the Title alignment to the center of the header image. I begin to check on the template html code on header part.

After added some codes like in the text-align center, it does not took any effect too. Back to the root, I went to check on Blogger Support side to seek Help. Finally I figure out how to do, there is nothing to do with the template code, just do this - go to Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
- by adding in custom CSS code like below to Center the image and title.

#header-inner {background-position: center !important; width: 100% !important;}
#header-inner {text-align: center ;}
.titlewrapper {padding-top: 90px  !important;}

After added in the above codes, you need adjust the height by changing the padding top alignment px. Here I used 90. Save and there goes my header with title are all in place now.

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Linnea said...

It's ok if you just credit me as a link to my blog

I see in your text you credit William Bakhos for the header, but it's wrong it should be VintageMadeForYou.

Thank you for using one of my headers :)