Sunday, July 20, 2014

My dearest Daddy

My dad born on 23rd June 1946, he is a happy-go-lucky dad, a very simple person, he is definitely not a strict and fierce dad. He is a sociable, friendly, jovial and warm, he is no fail to make ppl smile and laugh even my boy also told me this, why your papa so funny one. Thats is why many friends like to stick around him too. I don't really remember he had scolded me badly before. He always used other ppl experience, stories and happening around him and indirectly taught us the values and how to be a better person.

Dad seldom show us his tender caring action towards us, but for this I remembered it very much. It was on my 2nd day after I got married, I stay at outside in our own nest with hubby, he called me up and asking my well-being and I think he still not used to the family of 4 become 3, and of cause less a ppl at home, it also less noise, he told me he was thinking of me and though I went out late night and haven't go home yet then he paused and told himself "oh, she got married already". Upon hearing that I'm much he missed me and of cause I missed everyone at home too. Whenever he has "complain" or some un-happy moment that no one will takes, normally he will share with me..

During my schooling and working days, he chauffeur me to everywhere and make sure I'm safe and if can he try to fetch me and not let me ride on public transport. A big great Thank You dad, for he is also a taxi driver and he got lots freedom and flexible time. Those days my friends / colleagues admired me for I'm having a dad to pick me up and stand-by me..back then my driving skill is sucks and my parents not let me drive. On those OT working hour, he can wait me for an hour or more. His patient level is max! Our family size is small, comfortable and yet a very noisy one. A good dad that never absent every night to be with us and I can stick to him, lying on his fat tummy watching TV. Though he can't really provide us a luxury living, brought us to oversea and so.. he just make whatever is enough for the family living and do not makes us left out of anything. With his hard earn driving taxi money, I'm blessed that he still able to fund me for 3 years college education, up to Advance Diploma.

Last 2 year, my dad diagnosed his heart blood vessel got clog, thanks to the Almighty God bless and medication, he do not need to go through operation and he is recovering now and only need to go back for medical check-up for monitoring. He has slow down a lot in his work.
2014 has not been a good year to him, his last taxi before he retired got a loud bang and crash till out of shape (total lost), it nearly took off his life. Thank you our Al-mighty God and Heavenly Father for sending His Angel to protect him, he was not hurt from top to toe, just got a big frighten. God is good and with him all the time, during the time to search for a car, he got a pretty good used car with good price. He was a truly blessed man too, whenever got calling from church member for gathering, makan-makan or traveling he will surely go for it. Ppl also like to spend him a meal and even travelling oversea. His biggest hobby is gardening and singing. Dad, may your coming golden age days and years will be more bless, fruit-ful, healthy and happy!

Pa, you are my #1 dad, I LOVE YOU!

p/s: this is an overdue post for Father's Day

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