Monday, July 08, 2013

Sports Day

6/7/2013 - Saturday ago, Terry was having his first school sports day in his life. Being in the small scale school (as of current) the sport day is a simple one too..

The actual Sports Day supposed to be held on 29/6, due to bad haze it has been postponed to a week later. Students were to gather at school at 7:30am and parents can join at 8:30am. Since parents can go, I went to school together with the boy as early as 7:30am. Parking space is very limited so better be early.

With his classmate

With Mei Xuan and Rachel (far right) - good friend since Taska years

Parents get to sit under 2 big tent. The Sports Day starts on time. The program flow roughly goes like this,

- PIBG president opening speech
- All house team marching in
- Sportsmen representative to read manifesto 
- All students sing song - National Anthem, School song and Sport day song
- Presentation - School band, Taekwon-do
- All students and parents exercise together

Marching in

I really can't spot where is mine while marching, I just snap a few and find him was here....

Parents students exercise together, many busy snapping instead of exercise, haha.

Sport games having are like 50m run, 100m-200m relay run and some other games across all house teams and standard. Terry was no been chosen to participate in any game, so basically after the opening was his leisure time and being cheering supporter, he play and running around with others within the house tent area. They been giving bun and milo packet drink too...
For those student not participating in any game, they started to leave with their parents not long after the games start. I was staying till 11.30am, when this was suppose to be the ending time, I left before the sport day officially end.

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