Friday, September 11, 2009

All sick at home

Not sure if it is a sick season now, 3 of us at home took turn to fall sick. It was started from hubby. He was sick on last Friday, got sore throat, flu and fever. After he got recovered, on Monday Terry's turn. Immediately brought him to paed. Doctor first ask which kindy he attend. No, he was not schooling yet, but that day I did went to kindy hunt with him. Doctor said it was not possible catch sick from there. Doctor said he catch cold. Slight fever and nose block, throat not red. During the examination, he mention that so far no need to test on H1N1. I was thinking is that so serious yet need to do the test, cause only a small sick now. I was thinking this doctor might be mentioning the H1N1 test to all the patients. To me I never thought of that at all, since he was not on high fever.

That night, when we were at paed there, lots of patients. Bump into my friend WY, which her 2 sons got sick. She mentioned to me weeks ago, her 2 sons almost caught on H1N1. They were on high fever 41'C, went to paeds there took the H1N1 test (RM100 each test). Doctor took the mucus for testing. It was put on a test stick, just like pregnancy test. If it showed 2 lines means confirm. For her son case, 1 of them the result is not so clear on the 2nd line, then doc said need to send to the lab for further examination which cost RM500. Luckily the result turn out negative and it was a big relief for her. All in all she has spend almost near to thousand just on testing the H1N1.

Ok, back to us. After Terry took 2 days of med, he feels better. He was not too sick actually he still run around and play just like his usual self, just that he knock off for nap time more early and longer nap hour. On Wednesday, it was my turn. Starting with left nose block, then comes to night time the throat pain was killing and the nose block till I need to breath with mouth. I was just having 3-4 hours slept that night. The next morning, my whole body no energy, quickly settle the porridge for lunch and dinner, slept for an hour while waiting my dad fetch me to doc. Back home, feed the boy in speed then hit to the sack slept till evening. It was 3 quarter of the day spent with my pillow and tissue box. After a day med, today feels better, but still a bit dizzy (cause by the fever med) and nose blocking.

So I was not sure, was it a spread from the family or we caught sick separately from somewhere else. But anyway, Thank God we are recovering now.


etceteramommy said...

Glad to hear everybody is recovering. Raya holiday coming... :D

slavemom said...

Hope Terry and u are fully recovered by now.

vickylow said...

Glad you all recovered. Take care ya.