Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terry is 2!

How time flies extremely fast and it is another year. I still remember every bits of his birth, his growing moments, 1st birthday celebration and today we celebrate his 2nd big day.

Today is his actual birthdate, but we have done the celebration on Sunday (18/5). That evening we brought him to play at Kid's Adventure Land in Jusco Taman Maluri. This was his second time play in kid's land. We have dinner first at Ichiban Ramen, then we proceed to play there later.

This round he is more ok with it, able to enjoy and play by himself. But I still follow him in and out to make sure he not hit down by those older kids and also help him climb up the slide. He loves all the colorful balls and balloons till he kept saying "ball, ball, ball". He even sleep, roll, kick, throw and try to "swim" on the ball...haha..

He got tired when he hold tight the OUT gate, we then pay and leave. Later, he saw kid's ride and especially on Thomas Train one. He kept pointing to it and so ok I let him down for a while, he keep touching it and giggle there. Since we leaving, he cried out loud and make fuss there when I grab him away. I keep on pointing and said there is another one on the way back to our car park. Till we got inside the car he kept quiet.

Back home, we cut cake and sing song.

Once he saw he cake, he give a WOW and started to blow even before the candles put in and light up. We then sing song and he claps, he try to blow the candles hard later, but couldn't blow off, so I help him.

That's was the simple celebration for him, hope he likes it.

Message to Terry:
Boy, Happy 2nd birthday to you. Papa and mama is happy to see you growing up. You always making all of us happy with your cheeky did and funny conversation. You bring us so much joy to this new family. Hope that you continue to grow healthier and stronger. Forever you are our lovely boy, papa mama love you very very much.


L'abeille said...

Happy Birthday Terry boy!

Ling That's Me said...

Happy birthday!

slavemom said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Terry!

Malaika's mummy said...

Happy Birthday, Terry.

Mummy to QiQi said...

terry, aunty love cake with lots of cream, keep one piece for aunty chinnee yeah!!!

Happy birthday lil terry!

sue said...

Happy Birthday Terry!

vickylow said...

Happy Birthday Terry.

sting said...

happy birthday Terry! and that's a lovely cake :-)

Lovely Mummy said...

happy belated birthday to Terry !!!

Baby Darren said...

Happy 2 years old, Terry!!

You've indeed grown up so much.

TheBlueRanger said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday and the play look like FUN!@

Annie Q said...

Happy belated birthday Terry!!!!